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Evan Blackwell Evan Blackwell

Dear Pauly and Chrissy, You both mean the world to us! Love, Jilla and Evan

Jason Hasenbank Jason Hasenbank

Rather than being a good American and shopping for flat screen TVs at Best Buy, I hope that I can help support you in your journey to hell and back to good health, Pauly and Chrissy. And if this ends up going to bottles of champagne and medical marijuana, all the better! LOVE U BIG TIME, Cooks

Kat Morgan Kat Morgan

Thinking of you, Paul.

Groza Construction Groza Construction

Hey Paul,

We all miss and can't wait to see you.

Charlie and the Groza Team

Matthew Bollen Matthew Bollen

Strength to you brave warrior.

jon hall milazzo jon hall milazzo

hey there Pauly D, I dont get on the social medias much so I just today saw your post for the first time. Incredible to read through your journey. I'm amazed by your strength and spirit and oh, I dont know what to call it... grace, maybe. All the years and all the waters; sending you love and healing. xoxox ~jon

Mary M Slattery Mary M Slattery

Blessings, from the Slattery family. We are so proud of you and Chris. Thoughts and prayers coming your way.

Sheryl Gica Sheryl Gica

Sending you strength, love, light and peace, dear friend ❤️

Lora Lora

Hi Paul,

If you are friend of Cody and Mia you are a friend of ours and in our prayers. Your smile is rad! Hang in there!

daniel corcoran daniel corcoran

Pauly D! We missed you truly and deeply at our wedding, but were sending the Bavarian love vibes from Leavenworth to you... maybe you saw a pretzel floating near a stein of pilsner?? So psyched you have the donor, and you'll be speaking German and dancing like on Sprockets with a black turtle neck in no time.

Christine Brattin Christine Brattin

Keep on keeping on! Love you sweet Paul!

Jud Holliday Jud Holliday

Paul, while it's been a while since we hung out your kindness and generosity of spirit have always remained with me. Sending you best wishes and health from Seattle.

Bevin Cooper Farkas Bevin Cooper Farkas

A small contribution for your medical & San Fran expenses. xo Bevin & Zoltan

Christian & Catherine Mendelsohn Christian & Catherine Mendelsohn

Hi Paul. This is Christian & Cat. We had an early dinner with you & Brian Thayer before the Banff Film Festival at the Golden State Theatre, then strolled over together to watch those films of hope and drive. We don't know each other very well, yet, Cat & I send you our love and silently ask the universe to send you healing thoughts and peaceful times. I do not know how you feel, but attempt to empathize with you, and feel the preciousness of time and life. Our dear friend surprised us and let us know not only did he put himself on a bone marrow registry, he has been found as a match to someone. And then, we shared this podcast with him which we enjoyed very much. I hope you find some joy it in. If we can support your household, please don't hesitate to ask. Brian and I can come over and paint, or move, or cook you some good dinner. Brian's a good cook. Me too. :) With best wishes, and best outcomes possible. -Christian & Cat.

Hoyt and Heidi Hoyt and Heidi

Yo Pauly! Thinking of you from afar and hoping you know that all the radiant smiles, best-in-class hugs, heart-felt loving friendship, and infectious dancefloor beats you have shared with countless lucky souls over the years are now reflecting back on you. Whenever you feel down for the count, know that we are all pulling for you--even if we can't be there in person, we are there in spirit to help you rise up. Love from Amsterdam, Hoyt & Heidi.