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Posted 2019-01-16T01:19:39Z

Surgery tomorrow

My donor and I are both in New York. Tomorrow we will arrive at Montefiore Hospital (at 6AM!) for a full day of surgery. I am planning on sleeping through the whole procedure. Nervous doesn't cover it, but this is one of the best surgical teams in the world for liver transplants, so I feel confident. I hope for a very boring surgery and completely mundane recovery.[...]

Posted 2018-11-27T23:59:08Z

My Living Donor

Jeremy Jones is the amazing person who will be my hero. He has for several years dressed up as superheroes to ease the suffering of patients at a local children's hospital, and now he is doing this. What a phenomenal person. Surgery is scheduled for January - so soon! - and Jeremy will be traveling to and staying in New York for a few weeks. His wife will be joining him to assist in his recovery, because the donation process is physically tough on the donors, too. This means some lost wages, and money spent on flights and accommodation. Every little helps, for those who feel inclined to help:[...]

Posted 2018-10-29T22:44:21Z

I have a donor!

In fact, 2 people passed the hospital's medical testing within the last week. This is fantastic! I have spoken with both people, and they are fully committed to going ahead with the donation. I now am working with the hospital on timing of the operation. This also depends on the donor's life circumstances, so as yet we are not sure when it will be. They need to arrange their family and work situations to be at a point where they can stay in New York for several weeks.[...]

Posted 2018-10-10T00:18:27Z

October: donor testing

In October there will be another couple of volunteers coming to check if they can be my hero, the hospital having gotten back in touch with everyone. They will be undergoing the MRI, and other medical tests, and fingers crossed the right person will be found to be among them. I will let you know whenever I have more firm news, because - as throughout this process - those amazing people who have volunteered are still choosing to do so anonymously so I get limited info myself. They are not after glory, or thanks, or any kind of public praise: they are truly selfless folks who are doing this because they can and feel like they should. They are amazing, and heroes every one of them.[...]

Posted 2018-09-19T22:48:02Z

The first donor was not passed by the medical team

So, the first person to got the full testing done was unfortunately not suitable for liver donation to me. That is all I know: that person's medical results are of course none of my business, so I was just told that the medical team did not think it wise to proceed. If you are reading this message: I cannot begin to thank you for what you offered to do, and I regret that I will not be carrying a piece of you around in me for ever more. You must be a very good person indeed to have done this, and it would have been an honor.[...]

Posted 2018-09-13T22:36:00Z

Donor Evaluation

Hi all,
Today we met with the surgeon. That was brilliant, she gave us as much time as we wanted and we asked many questions.

Also we met with the living donor co-ordinator:  there was some amazing person who went through the main health assessment process on Monday! That was psychological, heart, and MRI studies. Next Tuesday, the medical team meet to assess their suitability, which includes looking at any anatomical features which would make fitting their liver piece into my abdominal jigsaw difficult or impossible. At this stage, dropout is significant; not from the donor but from these medical assessments (it turns out we all have very different plumbing around our organs, and the surgeon needs to be sure before they open us up that she can do what she needs to for both people).[...]

Posted 2018-08-14T23:19:00Z

Read this First! Let's Find Paul's Donor

Paul Gibson

Welcome to the Paul Gibson support family! This site is for anyone that desires to help in the search for a liver donor to help support this extraordinary person. This page will serve as your home for rallying the troops, receiving updates on the search for Paul Gibson's donor. Remember, this is all about numbers. The more people that know the better odds of finding a living donor.[...]