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Low Riders & Initial Test Results Are Back...

Hello Friends...

What a week of adjusting it has been! When baby has back and you have drains on each side of your abs/hips it makes wearing clothes

I've had some great, some good and some not so good days this week but overall making progress.  I even had 9,000 steps yesterday!

Unfortunately the initial test results came back from last week and it's not what I was hoping/expecting. When the doctor called she said well they're interesting. Of course they're!  

I'll start with the tumors. I had 3 tumors. 2 came back clear, no issues and no chemo needed. For the 3rd tumor they're recommending I can get chemo or another test called MammaPrint Test. I chose the MammaPrint to determine if I really need chemo. It will about 2 weeks till I have those results back.

Now on to the Lymph Nodes. They took out 4 and 2 came back clear no cancer but 2 came back positive for cancer.  With that being said I will need radiation. If I don't need chemo this will start in December.

I go back to the doctors on Tuesday; hopefully to remove some of if not all of the drains:) 

Happy Weekend!



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