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Perky Updates

Since I may or may not be a slacker in providing perky updates come here to see their transformations:)

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No More Penguins, Here Comes The Suntan...

Hey Everyone! 

Its been a while since my last post but things have been busy. Beginning of Feb I went on a 10 Day Trip to CA.

I came back for my last Chemo Treatment on Feb 18th. No more Penguin Caps!  Unfortunately things did not go smoothly. i ended up with Chemo Burns and nerve damage in my left arm:( This week I got pills for the nerves so hopefully my arm will be back to normal soon. Basically it feels like its on fire with sharp pains.

On Wednesday, I start Radiation so I will be rocking the suntan for 5 weeks! 

That's all I have for now! Happy Weekend:)

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