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Posted 2018-07-22T19:06:36Z

It’s A Wrap😱😁🍹

Last Call…

Yes, this will be my last post!

On June 20th I was declared Cancer Free:)  11 months of tests, surgeries and treatments to officially not worry!

I’m not going to lie it didn’t feel like a victory since I’m quite beat up.

My arm is still damaged from the chemo. It will be another year to determine if it will fully recover.

I still have 1 more surgery in November and 10 Year post treatment plan.

But after a couple weeks I bounced back and decided to celebrate the small things with a quick trip Kauai this weekend to mark my 1 year Anniversary of being diagnosed🏖

Lessons Learned…

Keep fighting with the doctors till they find out what it wrong…it’s not STRESS.

Don’t stress over the small stuff. The chickens who seemed to follow me around on the island😬🐔

Enjoy the small things in life😁

I would not have come this far without all your support, prayers, good vibes and help!

Thanks again😎



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