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Posted 2018-01-13T13:37:00Z

Meet Kelly Jetson😂

Hey Friends!

Its been a busy 2 weeks since I got home from hospital🤕 Good news I’m moving in the right direction😊 I have a nurse that comes a couple times a week to help me with my stomach wound. I had my 2nd Chemo Session on Monday. My veins didn’t want to corporate but we made it through. Only 2 more Chemo Sessions to go! When I was in the hospital a lot of my hair fell out so I’m sporting a George/Judy Jetson Wig😂 It’s quite nice it only takes a few minutes to get ready. Happy Saturday! [...]

Posted 2018-01-01T04:23:21Z

Rockin NYE🎉

Hey Friends! 

Let the champagne 🥂 flow! Today was a good progress day.  The Doc was so happy I was moved to pills🤕 Good thing because my veins have had enough! I even got in 6k Steps💃🏻 But I ran into some shady people on my last walk😬 Cheers to 2018🎉[...]

Posted 2017-12-31T01:30:03Z

Pigtails for the Hospital😳

Hi Friends...

Unfortunately during Christmas I fell under the weather and today was admitted to the hospital. With a shiny new ER, awesome Plastic Resident I'm already walking laps on the 3rd floor💃🏻 I will be in here a few days due to an infection and hole in my lower abs that leaking. So make sure you have a drink 🥃 for me on New Year's. Happy New Year's!🎉🥂[...]