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Robert M. Granieri Robert M. Granieri

Kelly that is great news for the holidays, and stay warm (it's in the 60's here - rubbing it in!) All kidding aside all of us here at The City of Myrtle Beach are wishing you and your family a Very Merry Christmas and a super speedy recovery to you(before Eden runs everyone off).
PS: I won't comment on the Bears - Merry Christmas!

Robert M. Granieri Robert M. Granieri

Did the bears win a game? LOL! Glad to see your up and about and from the picture you are either smiling or freezing there. We are always thinking of you and wishing you a speedy recovery. From all your friends here at the City of Myrtle Beach.

Robert M. Granieri Robert M. Granieri

Just checking in on you I hope you are doing better.

Robert M. Granieri Robert M. Granieri

Glad you are home with mom and on the way to recovery all the best. Go Yankees! (did you expect Cubs?)

Robert M. Granieri Robert M. Granieri

We are all glad to hear you are doing well! You will be cracking that WHIP again in no time. I will stay in touch.

Jacquelyn moore Jacquelyn moore

So glad everything entry well, my thoughts and prayers are with you today, I know your smiling.

Kim Witten Kim Witten

So glad to read it is going well so far. We are all thinking about you today. Hugs from all of us :-)

Sheila Lorden Sheila Lorden

Thanks for giving us this site to keep up with your progress. I know tomorrow is the big day so I'll be sending extra big prayers your way. I am here for you, too, so please let me know if there is anything you need at all.

Pamela Arndt Pamela Arndt

I'll be praying for you Kelly 🙏

Mary Fitzgerald Mary Fitzgerald

I will be here for whatever you need. A Mom driving you crazy, giving you a hug or cooking some of my unbelievable food. Love you Mom

Jill Fugere Jill Fugere

We'll be here for whatever you need throughout the journey. Love ya.