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About This Site

Perry's Transplant Journey

Perry underwent a heart and double lung transplant on 7/27/2015. While a tremendous blessing, the organs he received are considered "high risk" and will require extra special care and attention. Gifts are encouraged and gratefully welcomed to offset some of the associated costs including but not limited to: anti-rejection medications, post-transplant housing in Cleveland, additional procedures, transportation to and from the clinic, etc. Donation information can be found on the Donations tab at the top of this site. PLEASE DO NOT SEND FLOWERS OR ANYTHING RELATED AS THESE CAN COMPLICATE LUNG FUNCTION! This site will serve as the primary status update page for all things related to Perry's journey and will be maintained by his immediate family. While we truly appreciate the tremendous amount of support shown in personal texts, emails and Facebook posts, keeping up to date responses to everyone can be overwhelming! We will continue to update this site in a timely manner and strongly encourage you to post any messages on this site as we will be sharing all of your well wishes with Perry as soon as he can read them! Thank you again for all the prayers, love and support sent thus far as you are truly making an impact and we ask that you also extend those same prayers to the donor's family for providing the unselfish gift of life.