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Posted 2015-08-01T23:24:00Z

August 1st, 2015 - Day 5 Post Surgery - 2 Chest Tubes Removed!

First report from the nurse in the morning said it was another uneventful night, and again no news is good news overnight. Today, Misty (with Perry's full knowledge) consented to the tracheostomy procedure to take place when they decide to extubate next (still estimated for Monday). This is a good thing as there is lower risk of infection, rather than continuing intubate, and it should help make breathing less laborious for the time being. They also removed 2 chest tubes today with 4 more to go! His heart continues to do well, lungs are being strengthened with the extended intubation and kidney creatinine levels seems to be doing well.

He was able to communicate through more games of charades and mouth movements to get the essentials: a recap of the Cubs score from last night (they won one for the Gipper ;)), learning about the Cubs trade and that we only gave away some prospects, requesting to check his iPhone, wanting date/time updates, and a bit later on communicated that it has been a "long day". Yes it has!

While he got a chance to rest, Misty, Michael, Kim, Nick and Tonya all got to go out for a Mexican treat for lunch (Thank you, Nick) and also went on a hunt to find Perry a new pillow at Bed, Bath and Beyond. Perry is VERY particular in his pillow preference so we brought back a few for him to choose from and found a winner! Nick and Tonya left in the evening and helped Misty bring a few items back home to lighten the load in Cleveland. Thank you again Nick and Tonya for all the love, support and much needed "break" away from the hospital as it was a "long day" for everyone.

All prayers and well wishes continue to be heard, answered and validated so keep them coming!!!

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  • Alice Bible McCloud
    Alice Bible McCloud

    Sending prayers and hugs. Thinking of you all! Love Alice

    5 years ago · Reply