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Posted 2015-08-04T05:04:16Z

August 3rd, 2015 - Day 7 Post Surgery - Tracheostomy

Nightly reports continue to be uneventful. Per Perry's request, Misty returned to the clinic early around 7:30 AM. Dr. McCurry (Perry's transplant surgeon) saw Perry this morning providing reassurance that he is doing very well & had surpassed his expectations for 1 week post-op & reminded Perry that his left lung was very difficult to remove & that Perry was very ill pre-operatively so it is going to take time for him to gain strength and recover.  Dr. Akindepe also reinforced the same and addressed Perry's questions as to what has to occur before he is able to be discharged from ICU.    

They originally thought his tracheostomy would take place sometime between 12-4, however he was bumped up and the procedure took place around 11 AM. Per the doctors, a tracheostomy is a fairly "routine" procedure and it only took about 45 minutes to an hour until Perry was back in the ICU waking up a bit groggy from sedation, but it was very apparent that his spirits were instantly boosted from the procedure. During the tracheostomy, they also did a bronchoscopy. He was able to smile, mouth words to communicate and swallow a bit easier despite throat pain which made him tremendously happy that he no longer has tubes passing through his mouth.  "This will be easier!" and "this is much better!" were some of his initial mouthed sentences.  He will undergo another bronchoscopy via the trach tomorrow mouthing, "it will be a piece of cake!"

They brought to our attention today that a pneumothorax (air leak) on his left lung was present on chest x-ray yesterday, but it resolved & today another pneumothorax was noted on his right lung. The physicians were contemplating putting in another chest tube to release the air pocket, but on a repeat xray, it too had decreased and resolved after awhile. Thank God he still has a few chest tubes in as a pneumothorax can collapse the lungs.  He was removed off the vent at 3:55 PM to breathe on his own & to strengthen his chest muscles.  While breathing on his own, he was watching The Godfather & Michael told him he may end up sounding like Don Corleone for a bit after the trach is removed and he got a kick out of that. At 5:15 PM, he requested to be put back on the vent as he was getting a little tired. When Perry asked the Respiratory Therapist (RT) how he did, the RT responded "great" giving Perry yet again more assurance. For the remainder of the evening & until tomorrow morning, he's taking his own breaths & also being assisted by the vent. He received another unit of blood this evening due to trending lower blood counts.  Tomorrow, we are hoping that he will begin physical therapy to start regaining some of his strength. 

Perry was very excited that the Cubbies were on ESPN tonight and he could watch the game on the big screen even though they ended up postponing the game after a few rain delays. At least it gave him something else to think about and pass the time. Additional evening events occurred which were both healing and comforting and confirmed that God does work in very mysterious ways.  His continued presence in our lives and those of others was revealed as well for which we will forever be grateful and humbled.  Praise be to God and to those who give of themselves unselfishly.  

Food for Thought:

A heart/double lung transplant $750,000+.

Anti-fungal medication to lead a semi-normal life & be able to golf $20,000/3 month supply.

Seeing my honey/dad smiling & happy again... Priceless.


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Comments (4)

  • Diane Kissinger
    Diane Kissinger

    We are very happy that Perry is continuing to improve. We think he is doing fantastic!!!! God works many miracles for many people each and every day.

    4 years ago · Reply
  • Dianne Cook
    Dianne Cook

    This is all such promising news! I feel bad that Perry feels he is not recovering as quickly as he should be. Thank goodness you guys have such a strong team of caring doctors that are constantly available to reassure him of his amazing progress. The fact that he is smiling about sounding like Don Corleone makes me smile! He is blessed to have such a wonderful and loving family. Tell him I'm rooting for him to get out of ICU very soon and I am keeping him in my prayers. He is such a great guy and I'm so happy that I ran into him and Misty that day at Northwestern Hospital. Always good to reconnect with old friends. Love to all, Dianne

    4 years ago · Reply
  • Mary Brewton
    Mary Brewton

    Everything happens in God's time and according to His will so keep the faith and I'll be praying for steady progress towards better health for you Perry! Praying for the family too and especially Misty for strength to be by his side through all of this! Our church has been praying also and I will update them. Love, Mary

    4 years ago · Reply
  • Tina Buehler
    Tina Buehler

    Perry - We just watched the Cubs Win. They are doing it for you. Keep up the good work. Take your time healing, we'll all be here for you when you come home.

    4 years ago · Reply