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Posted 2015-08-07T03:36:34Z

August 6th, 2015 Evening Update

Today was a long day for Perry, everyone here and the ICU in general. He has had family visitors all trying to work with him to respond to direct commands a good amount of the day. We are sure he is just as exhausted as we are, so we are letting him get some rest right now. There were a few extended periods during the day when no one was able to go back to see him as we would call and the staff person answering the phone kept saying they needed another 30 mins. This made Misty a bit uneasy and frustrated, however according to his night nurse Joanna (same rockstar from last night) it was not Perry that necessarily needed to be given 30 min etc but his ICU "neighbors" - so we now know to ask a follow up question when we get that response to ease our minds.

Perry was started on dialysis and has started to produce urine about 5-7 ml/hr during the last few hours. They put him back on Propofol for sedation, but we are still seeing some tremors and mouth/jaw movement in conjunction with furrowing his brow and slight eyelid fluttering & brief eyelid openings. Neurology has been consulted and an electroencephalogram (EEG) has been ordered to record electrical brain activity to identify possible seizure activity. Again, the neurologist and doctors both stressed that we still need time to really evaluate his progress over the next 24-48 hours so we all need to remember we are on Perry's time now. Slow and steady, stay the course.

Thank you all again for your continued support - it is amazing.


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  • Jayne Mani
    Jayne Mani

    So good to hear what is going on as it's very hard not to be there. Keeping prayers going. Follow dr.'s advice & be sure you're taking care of yourselves and especially Misty. Love to all, Aunt Jayne

    5 years ago · Reply