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Posted 2015-08-16T04:21:19Z

August 14 & 15, 2015

Yesterday morning, August 14th, I was informed that Perry had had an uneventful night & that his heart & lungs remained status quo. He was on Propofol @ 15 & was calmly sleeping upon our initial arrival. The Wound Care RN came to see if he had gotten the sand mattress which was/is still pending. I feel significantly less anxious as one of the residents demonstrated to me the moisture I had been feeling to his left chest was related to a chest tube leak. He clamped off the chest tube briefly to demonstrate that the moisture feeling would dissipate - which it did. An MRI is still in the works but he has not been stable enough to go for it. The remainder of the day Ryan & I would notice eye tracking to us & at times what appeared to be emotional facial expressions. Ry had to leave to get to the airport around 730p however his flight was delayed due to none other than "heat lightning" in Chicago. Shortly after 11p last night, Perry was moved to a larger room (Bed 3) across from the Nurse's Station as it had become available. His systolic BP dropped to 70-90s & his body twitching (myoclonus) continued for quite some time. I departed from his bedside about 2a to take a rest in the waiting room. This morning, August 15th, I noticed that Perry was having coffee ground colored gastric secretions from his NG (nasogastric) tube & at ~1035a thin watery red blood was noted - a new development. The NG tube was removed from suction & clamped. His formula feeding was stopped. An anesthesiologist & surgeon stopped by & changed his GERD (gastroesophageal reflux disease) medication was changed to Protonix. Blood was drawn & his hemoglobin was 8.7 which was ok compared to previous counts. I had been noticing increased swallows followed by facial grimaces perhaps indicating pain. Surgeon came by -saying "I'm not surprised he's having coffee ground secretions as he may have some stomach inflammation in his stomach & irritation from the feeding tube & NG tube. He is not able to have a scope to determine the source of the bleeding. Will continue to monitor him & give blood if necessary. His Propofol got reduced during the day to 18 having started at 20 in AM & was back up to 20 when I left at 930p. I'm exhausted so heading to bed. Wishing Perry & all of you a good night's sleep. I am sooo far behind in correspondence & thank yous to everyone so please forgive me.

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  • Dianne Cook
    Dianne Cook

    You see!! Heat lightning and Perry go together!! My prayers for him caused heat lightning here in Chicago...sorry about the flight delay Ryan...that wasn't part of my prayer! I'm not stopping these prayers until he is sitting in a chair across from me and laughing that I told that story to everyone! Big hugs to all of you...get some rest. ❤️ ⚡️ ⚡️ ❌⭕️

    4 years ago · Reply
  •  Denise  Farinelli
    Denise Farinelli

    Our heartfelt prayers for perry, and all of you. David and Dee farinelli

    4 years ago · Reply
  • Jean Nordmeyer
    Jean Nordmeyer

    Our prayers for your family continue, especially that you, Misty, are caring for yourself as well as you have been for Perry. We wish for this day to bring small signs of healing and comfort. Your strength is inspiring.

    4 years ago · Reply
  • Joni DeBusk
    Joni DeBusk

    What a roller coaster ride you are on. My heart goes out to you, Misty. Perry has the best taking great care of him and you, well you are on your own. Therefore YOU have to take care of Misty! Perry is going to need you even more once he is out of the hospital. You have to stay strong which means proper rest and food! Don't worry about thank you cards for pete sake everyone knows you are just a little busy right now. Everyone knows you are thankful and your sons made this wonderful web site so you could keep everyone abreast of Perry's ups and downs and hopefully more good news each day. Tiny baby steps but steps forward for sure. May God keep His loving arms around you both, may you always know He is with you are all times. So very many people are praying for Perry and for you. Hope you got a few hours of good sleep. Love, Joni

    4 years ago · Reply
  • Dennis G. Barker
    Dennis G. Barker

    Yes Misty Lee, Our Military missed out in letting You, Perry and Your Team, slip through their clutches. You follow every order, plan every action, commit totally for successful results, but it's time you are fighting for, and fatigue is the factor. Put on your Dress uniform, and focus to God, The Supreme Commander, to guide the minds, hearts to CC staff finest efforts to secure this terrific battle for Perry to stand physically victorious. Oh that I could pin medals upon you for the manner and intellect so far, but I'm only your earthly father with no military ties, so I can only wrap you and yours in the love of your family, and offer prayers to our Almighty God, That "Whatever" we are his servants, and like children we abide, but the engagement is still waging for a regeneration for Perrys health. I'd want you on my team, what fighters! Love Dad and Mom.

    4 years ago · Reply