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Posted 2015-08-18T03:34:00Z

August 17th - Showing Signs of Improvement

Awake upon my arrival @ 1145a; he is now nodding both "yes" & "no" to questions today; has remained off the Propofol (sedative) & the Levophed (Norepinephrine for BP) since yesterday; has Kirstin as his nurse since 11a - she was on the day of the 5th & saw as a bystander & helper all that he had been through that day so aware of just how special he is!!!! The physical therapist was in so he was providing some gentle PROM (passive range of motion) to his arms, shoulders, hands, feet, ankles, & legs - & Perry was able to assist & resist against the pulls during the exercises - so awesome!!!!; he tired intermittently but was a definite participant AND the best news of all - He winked at me 3 times 馃槈馃槈馃槈 - it wasn't that he had a 馃悵 in his eye either - he winked when I asked him if he loved me!!!!! I'm in 7th Heaven.  I tried to get it on video but he zonked out from working so hard getting practice for his golf swing 鉀筹笍 & practice shooting馃敨 for when he becomes Olivia's back-up officer on Law & Order or the next Die Hard, True Lies, & for when he gets casted as the next James Bond!!!!!!  He also nodded yes when I asked if he believed me that he was doing awesome!!!!!  

We returned about 9p - he was awake & tracking very nicely - I got nods "yes" & "no" & he mouthed some words & mouthed a kiss - so I got 2 kisses!!!  He also fell asleep as I held his hand & had given up the chair so Denise could sit down & when he awakened because my voice had moved further away & rather aware he moved his arm & pointed for me to get back in the chair.  Our friend Steve the nurse has him this evening; He started with slight trembling & intermittent twitches about an hour prior to getting his Keppra, Vimpat & Klonopin.  Still of Propofol & Levo. Had KUB while I was gone to get Denise & to pick up items @ Walmart  - a different NG tube was passed 

Denise & I plan to put together some better communication tools etc so we will try those out tomorrow; I'm anxious to see if he can spell his name etc.

Week 3 - off to a great start!!!!!


We have established a designated fund (“Perry’s Transplant Fund”) for those of you wishing to provide financial assistance to cover Perry’s enormous and mounting medical, housing and rehabilitation expenses. We appreciate everyone’s concern and generosity in this time of great need. Any amount that you can give would be a huge support for Perry and his family. Every little bit helps!  

You can make credit card donations on the "Donations" tab above.  Checks can be made payable to “Perry’s Transplant Fund” and can be sent to the following address :

Perry's Transplant Fund  c/o Nick J. DiGiovanni

22050 Coriander Lane

Frankfort, IL 60423

Thank you all again for your prayers and continued support to this point and all future well wishes to come. Perry and his entire family truly have a tremendous support group!

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Comments (7)

  • Dianne Cook
    Dianne Cook

    Awesome!! Amazing!! What a great day! Winks?!?! Kisses?!? You better be careful. If Perry keeps going like this, who knows what he'll be doing to you by Friday!! I am just so happy now after reading this update I won't be able to sleep. Prayers, positive thoughts and fingers crossed...anything that I can think of to be able to read an update like this tomorrow night!! 鉂屸瓡锔忊潓猸曪笍 Love to all of you

    4 years agoReply
  • Dennis G. Barker
    Dennis G. Barker

    Perry: You are THE Man! Da Bears have a high dollar Quarterback signed for this season, but if you stay on track, slow and easy, you'll have no difficulty in passing the physical for next season. Da Cubs are on a Mighty Push even as we speak looking like pennant winners, Da Bulls are always contenders, but could use your expert style of Coaching, and Da Black Hawks are basking in the glow of the polished silver Stanley Cup. But in a very short period, I expect to hear Our Own ROCKY BALBOA DiGIOVANNI, exclaiming from center ring... YOOOO MISTTYYYYY, I DID IT! You have mighty inner strength, and are cloaked in great power. God Is On Your Team! Keep kissing our Misty!

    4 years agoReply
  • Diane Kissinger
    Diane Kissinger

    I just read your post Misty & all I can say is--what a great way to start the day! I am so excited for all of you--Perry is AMAZING!!!!

    4 years agoReply
  • Brenda Witt
    Brenda Witt

    This man is so amazing! Keep it going slow & steady Perry. Prayers do work and we all will keep them going. Blessings all around to all of your family & friends who have been there at one time or another to support not only you but Misty, Michael & Ryan.

    4 years agoReply
  • Darlene

    That is great news misty.kari and nick and family friends will be on the shores of Lake erie.walnut park.well be letting message balloons off all at once for Noah's birthday.I believe that will be Aug 28 th.we want to be there.I will send one to heaven for perry's continued awesome strength.god is good and I feel God saying to me right now it is well.god bless..miss you all.what a wonderful family.harvey and darlene from rockcreek.ohio

    4 years agoReply
  • Joni DeBusk
    Joni DeBusk

    The AWESOME Power of Prayer......He sustains us through hard and trying times. You post sounds really good today. . . a wink and kiss. WOW, I know your heart melted. I am so thankful for each step forward. May you, Perry, and your entire family feel His presence and His love surrounding you always! Love, Joni & Ken

    4 years agoReply
  • Roxanne Murphy
    Roxanne Murphy

    Yay Perry!!! Love, prayers and positive vibes go out to all of you💗 (HUGS) xo

    4 years agoReply