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Posted 2015-08-23T03:26:29Z

August 22, 2015 - More Communication

What a difference a day can make. This morning Perry was moved to a different room (8) which is enclosed by actual walls rather than curtains. They did Perry's abdominal ultrasound @ 630a and found sludge (old formula) still in his stomach, his abdomen was still distended, there was no gallbladder inflammation and no gallstones, so we believe all of the writhing in pain yesterday was most likely due to him passing those stones. The second GI team came in again for another attempt to place his feeding tube during an EGD, however according to the X-ray his feeding tube again migrated upward and out of place so he is not able to resume his feedings. They are going to order another abdominal X-ray tomorrow morning to see if the tube may go back to its proper placement. If they don't see a success with that, he will have a jejunum feeding tube placed which will either require a formal surgery or a different type of procedure done by endoscopy. 

Aside from not being able to place his feeding tube, huge strides of progress were made today. Before the EGD, Perry was off his vent to breathe on his own for a bit which is huge because the biggest determination to get him out of the ICU is to wean him off the vent completely. He is able to move with purpose to point, smile, wink, self comfort, move his stiff joints and to mouth words for requests and questions. It is clear to see that he is easily engaged when being spoken to, is able to ask for pain meds as needed, able to use a letter board to spell out questions he wanted answers to (albeit shakey at times as his muscles are very weak) and after a few minutes of working with his hands he was able to begin working the remote for his TV! This is a big step as well as he can now push the nurse button when he needs attention - the first time he did this he requested that his nurse Cat get "my wife"! He also requested to be able to wear his wedding ring again, which Misty had been wearing around her neck since the transplant surgery!

Great progress in terms of cognizance and motor functions, however he is acknowledging his feelings of depression. He was still having a burning sensation from the electrodes and continually asked when those could be removed. The day nurse sent a request that was then followed up by the night nurse (originally we were thinking Monday), and this finally happened today at 9:30p so we are hoping this will help him a little bit. However, just after the electrodes were removed he also pulled the vent tube from his trach before any family members were able to be back there.

While Michael and Ryan were in the room earlier, he also asked "When can I get out of here?" in regards to the ICU. They explained they were still unsure, but told him the goal is to wean off the vent, get the rest of the chest tubes removed and to get sitting up in a chair again - if things continue progressing at this rate we are hoping all, or a few, of these things can happen around Monday-Wednesday (no set timeline though). Since he is now in the new, blocked off room, he said he does feel a bit isolated now, but we also tried to reassure him that this would be a good thing so his brain can get some rest from all of the actions, bells and whistles that go off constantly on the floor.

Perry's brother Nick, Tonya and nephew Sam arrived this afternoon and much to their delight Perry was awake when they arrived and in much better shape since they had seen him last. Nick was able to put on the US Amateur golf tournament being played at Olympia Fields today on the TV, and Perry acknowledged he recognized the course and knew those are his "stomping grounds". Michael and Ryan joked that they only recognized the course when players had to hit shots from out of the woods, deep in sand traps and/or at the edge of a creek.

Pray for continued progress, more days like today and to lift Perry's spirits! Thank you.

We have established a designated fund (“Perry’s Transplant Fund”) for those of you wishing to provide financial assistance to cover Perry’s enormous and mounting medical, housing and rehabilitation expenses. We appreciate everyone’s concern and generosity in this time of great need. Any amount that you can give would be a huge support for Perry and his family. Every little bit helps!  

You can make credit card donations on the "Donations" tab above.  Checks can be made payable to “Perry’s Transplant Fund” and can be sent to the following address :

Perry's Transplant Fund  c/o Nick J. DiGiovanni

22050 Coriander Lane

Frankfort, IL 60423

Thank you all again for your prayers and continued support to this point and all future well wishes to come. Perry and his entire family truly have a tremendous support group!


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Comments (14)


    Great news!!! Perry we are so proud of you....give Misty a big kiss 😘😘👏👏

    4 years ago · Reply
  • Dennis G. Barker
    Dennis G. Barker

    Well have him setup a Tee Time, this old Tightwad will pay for the Fees, The Cart, Lunch Plus for a Good Cigar apiece, that The Good Doctors might insist that we just enjoy the aroma while still in the wrapper for now. I'll toss him for who will drive the cart, but for sure he will have to listen to me whine as usual if he speeds. Speed is for Race Tracks, now that I'm OLD! Ha. This is the Journal Post that has nearly made us giddy. Thank You Dearest God For This Blessed Day.

    4 years ago · Reply
  • Tammie Harmon
    Tammie Harmon

    Awesome news! The prayers are working and will be continued. I hope for an uneventful night and rest for everyone. Xoxoxo

    4 years ago · Reply
  • Dennis G. Barker
    Dennis G. Barker

    Note that when I read this Journal Posting to my Dear Ann, She could only reply tearfully, Beautiful, Beautiful Report, Thank You Dear Lord, Thank You! Amen To That!

    4 years ago · Reply
  • Greg McCullough
    Greg McCullough

    Perry thank you for the outstanding and wonderful improvements today. Deep inside you are great strides waiting to surge. Slow but solid steps one at a time await you. Let's not forget Rome! Your next goal. Ice cream! You deserve it. Greg

    4 years ago · Reply
  • Jean Nordmeyer
    Jean Nordmeyer

    Misty, Michael, Ryan, and the rest of Perry's family, you are literally willing him well! Your strength and faith are unsurpassed. Prayers for continued progress!

    4 years ago · Reply
  • Diane Kissinger
    Diane Kissinger

    That was wonderful news that you were able to share! We will continue the prayers for all of you & his caregivers as well. 😉

    4 years ago · Reply
  • Joni DeBusk
    Joni DeBusk

    PHEW! Never know how these posting are going to be so I open them with caution, expectations and prayerfully. HURRAY for yesterday"s progress. WOW what a difference a day can make. I have happy tears flowing and thanking our Lord for all these awesome things, stones gone, electrodes gone, wedding ring back on, "GET MY WIFE", just wonderful and so happy so many family members were witness to all this progress. I too pray Perry is able to get out of ICU soon...those places do actually do something to your physic. Curtains not walls, never seen an ICU like that and I have been a visitor in many different hospitals. Hopefully Perry will like the walls versus curtains and we'll pray for new surroundings this week. Did his sand bed ever arrive and if so, will it move with him to different room even out of ICU? I am off to church and will see Denny & Ann this morning. Can't believe Denny will spring for tee times and the works. Perry, keep him to that promise! The Lord is working His miracles all over you, He is blessing you and keeping you in His healing arms. Power of prayer is an awesome power! Love, Joni & Ken

    4 years ago · Reply
  • Terry Lanzi
    Terry Lanzi

    Holy Cow!! How about that!! Way to go Perry ... way to go!!! You are an All Star! Of course, it takes a team and you are blessed with the best! I am flying my "W" flag today!

    4 years ago · Reply
  • Lisa DiGiovanni
    Lisa DiGiovanni

    What great news ! Praying for continued progress

    4 years ago · Reply
  • Irene Maros
    Irene Maros

    Such great news! Of course we were watching golf and reminiscing about Olympia Fields. John, Perry, Rick and Tom McKee had some great times on that golf course. We all had some great times off the course as well. The four of them should have a reunion when Perry is home from the hospital! Please give him our love and we will pray for his continued progress. Love you. 🙏😘❤️

    4 years ago · Reply
  • Leesa Wittenstrom
    Leesa Wittenstrom

    Perry and Misty I'm so glad to hear of such great progress! Prayers are being answered. Thank you so much for sharing with everyone. I check on you everyday!

    4 years ago · Reply
  • Mary Brewton
    Mary Brewton

    Praying for more and continuous progress towards Perry's return to good health, day by day. Bless all the family and friends on this journey with him, too!

    4 years ago · Reply
  • Laura Thomas
    Laura Thomas

    Laura Thomas, I am a long time friend of Denise and as someone said above, I open these posts with hope and caution. It is so great to see God responding to his peoples prayers!! So happy to hear of Perry's steps forward. God is faithful and true!! Continued prayers that Perry will continue to move forward and they can get the feeding tube placed properly with the least amout of trauma to Perry. Praying for Misty and boys too.

    4 years ago · Reply