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Posted 2015-08-25T19:35:00Z

August 25, 2015 Off to the OR

Becky RN called with update that Perry slept well, had a few stools (much needed before next surgery), & had requested if he could have an ice chip so she was going inquire with his Dr. for the order. I received call @ 957a as getting ready to come & see my Prince that there was a cancellation on today's surgery schedule, & so my consent was given for him to have jejunostomy surgery this afternoon. Upon my arrival, I learned that another chest tube had been removed this morning, so even more progression as now down to 2 Blakes which will increase his comfort with positioning in bed & when in chair as well as his mobility. He's been extremely depressed ("extremely" is not even the right degree of measure), has been confused as to time & place intermittently, & he has remained oriented to self. & this morning when I asked him who I was & what my name was he answered, "Misty Barker." He repeatedly knew that his sons were Michael & Ryan but was not able to tell me his brothers' names. When I showed him Doreen's picture & I asked what his mom's name was he said "Mommy" & eventually he said Doreen Massetti. The Pulmonologist was at his bedside at the time & we agreed the present difficulties most likely are brain processing delays due to lack of sleep, food, energy & ICU sensory overload. Later in the morning, we were able to FaceTime with Nick, Sam & Char & he recognized them, mouthed who they were & "I love you" to each of them & also drew his hand up to wave with assistance. He has been sleeping well this morning & afternoon, arousing briefly with attempts to move his legs, arms & trying to turn himself. Wanting to know the time for his surgery. Once he's able to receive much needed nourishment, he will be progressing. We got a mirror yesterday so I can tip it so he can see the blue sky which in time will help too to be connected to the outside world. Many are asking - I am doing very well. We (Denise & I) were able to get 9 hrs of sleep last night. I'm eating, maybe not on time, but at least eating healthy, showering daily, & I even shaved my legs yesterday too!!!! Went to yoga class yesterday offered for pts & family members of transplant pts which I had not been able to go to for the last 3 wks. He was taken down to surgery ~310p & it will be ~2-4 hours. I got to see him & send him off with a kiss this time around. Will anxiously be awaiting his return.

We have established a designated fund (“Perry’s Transplant Fund”) for those of you wishing to provide financial assistance to cover Perry’s enormous and mounting medical, housing and rehabilitation expenses. We appreciate everyone’s concern and generosity in this time of great need. Any amount that you can give would be a huge support for Perry and his family. Every little bit helps!  

You can make credit card donations on the "Donations" tab above.  Checks can be made payable to “Perry’s Transplant Fund” and can be sent to the following address :

Perry's Transplant Fund  c/o Nick J. DiGiovanni

22050 Coriander Lane

Frankfort, IL 60423

Thank you all again for your prayers and continued support to this point and all future well wishes to come. Perry and his entire family truly have a tremendous support group!

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  • Dianne Cook
    Dianne Cook

    Prayers going up for Perry and a giant virtual hug for you! Wishing you both lots of L❤️VE.

    4 years ago · Reply
  • Dennis G. Barker
    Dennis G. Barker

    Oh Do We Love You & Dearest Perry, God is so in charge, evidenced in each progression. We are all blessed to protect the Spark of Life!

    4 years ago · Reply
  • Joni DeBusk
    Joni DeBusk

    Successful surgery and prayers for all.

    4 years ago · Reply
  • Terry Lanzi
    Terry Lanzi

    Sending my love and prayers!

    4 years ago · Reply