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Posted 2015-08-29T05:55:00Z

August 28, 2015 - TGIF

8/28 Per Cat RN's morning 635a update call, Perry slept well until 2a & was up until ~4a. His hemoglobin dropped to 6.8 & had pending lab results @ the time of her call. Kirsten RN called me @ 1014a as Perry had wanted to know where I was & when I was coming to see him. That of course made me smile. Upon my arrival, Perry was receiving dialysis with ~15 minutes remaining. A total of 1 1/2 liters of fluid was removed during dialysis. The nephrologist said he was going to continue with IV Lasix & was pleased with how the dialysis has been going as well as his urine output & his kidney lab results. He anticipates he will have dialysis on Monday & may be able to come off of dialysis sooner than later. Perry had been started on CPAP early in the morning as well. Three physical therapists then assisted him to sit up at the edge of his bed to begin to work on his core abdominal muscles with slow lateral then forward & backward leans. A few lower leg lifts were then completed & exhausted from dialysis & PT, he was returned to lying position & took a short nap. His NG tube slipped out during his PT session that had been helping to decompress his stomach & drain excess stomach acids. With intermittent burps, Perry seemed to tolerate being without it. Due to a hemoglobin of either 6.2 or 6.4, he received 2 units of red blood cells. His urinary catheter was removed later in the afternoon per his continued request. My sister & I had a meeting @ 4p with CVICU Nurse Managers John & Brent to discuss concerns & the end results will hopefully help Perry, other patients & family members. Michael & Kim arrived ~530p. Perry was up in the chair with an extra pillow seat cushion & a footstool to help relieve some additional tailbone strain & provide sensory input to his where his body ends & space begins. He managed to tolerate being in the chair until ~815p & then was returned to bed by his night shift RN Todd & Will RN. Perry requested to be turned to his L side. Finally, after 4 wks & 4 days, he was off of his back & quickly fell fast asleep. As of Monday, I will be speaking with the Social Worker to begin to make arrangements for him to be transferred to a Rehab facility. More details will follow as I learn more & the Drs begin to develop a plan. He may be able to come home sooner rather than later as rehab is now the primary focus & will be taking precedence over anti-rejection of transplanted organs as many of the drugs used to suppress the immune system are not going to be able to be given to him. Denise, Michael & I are at the Amtrak station waiting for the 154a train to arrive that will be returning my sister to Washington DC. She has been a huge blessing for the both of us. She is anxious for me to leave as soon as possible because she's concerned if I don't get to bed soon, I may not be at the hospital when Perry is expecting me & I will get another call asking where I am.

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  • Joni DeBusk
    Joni DeBusk

    I know your dad calls Perry "Iron" man. I think he needs to give you title "Iron" lady. You are amazing. Denise's train was 1:54AM? Thankful Michael was with you. I know it was hard on Denise to have to leave but so wonderful she was able to spend time with you. No matter how many BFF's we have; there's nothing that compares to a sister's love. Great progress, working on core strength, sitting in chair but oh how awesome to be able to sleep on his side!!!! That was a giant step. E-Hugs coming your way. Prayers being lifted constantly. Love, Joni & Ken

    4 years ago · Reply