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Posted 2015-08-31T05:10:00Z

August 30, 2015 Getting Better Every Day

During the night, Perry awakened about every 2 hrs. He also experienced intermittent hot flashes with the need to disrobe interspersed with cold spells. Otherwise the night was uneventful. During the day, he was up in the chair breathing on his own off the vent on 35% oxygen via trach collar for 1 hr & remained up in chair fora total of 2 hrs. As he squeezed on my & Kim's hand, unexpectedly he raised himself away from back of chair to do his core abdominal exercises for about 2 minutes & then rested. Upon Kim's goodbye, he gave her a genuine smile & even a wink, & told her that he loved her. Before being returned to bed by the lift team, he did 2 more raises forward away from the back of the chair & held the upright position for 2-3 minutes each time. A well deserved nap was taken after Michael & I convinced him that the Bulls weren't going to be on TV. During the latter part of the evening he insisted on sitting up at the side of the bed with Michael, Todd RN, & me assisting him. We did our best to encourage him of the importance to not overdo it & again emphasizing that safety is a concern that although he has it in his mind that he can stand, his body is not yet capable. He tolerated sitting up for 15 minutes, & we know he would have gone for longer out of pure determination & will. Upon settling reluctantly back into bed, we watched the Cubs game & Jake Arrieta's no hitter. We tucked him into bed for the night with the request for us all to get a good night's rest & the reinforcement that he worked so very hard today. He requested my presence at 830a. We are all so very thankful for having had today & for God's unfolding plan for Perry. Thank you all for the prayers that are being said on his behalf for we continue to be witnessing his grace & love of this truly amazing man. Michael will be here on Monday in the event there is a discussion about transfer to a rehabilitation facility capable of accepting a vented patient.

We have established a designated fund (“Perry’s Transplant Fund”) for those of you wishing to provide financial assistance to cover Perry’s enormous and mounting medical, housing and rehabilitation expenses. We appreciate everyone’s concern and generosity in this time of great need. Any amount that you can give would be a huge support for Perry and his family. Every little bit helps! You can make credit card donations on the "Donations" tab above. Checks can be made payable to “Perry’s Transplant Fund” and can be sent to the following address :

Perry's Transplant Fund c/o Nick J. DiGiovanni

22050 Coriander Lane Frankfort, IL 60423

Thank you all again for your prayers and continued support to this point and all future well wishes to come. Perry and his entire family truly have a tremendous support group!

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Comments (4)

  • Lisa Lewis
    Lisa Lewis

    What a hero! Determined, fearless, gaining strength day by day! Stay a steady course my dear friend! You are truly an inspiration to all of us! Prayers continue and positive thoughts streaming your way! Love you Perry D!

    5 years ago · Reply
  • Joni DeBusk
    Joni DeBusk

    I so look forward to your post each morning. Thank you for keeping everyone abreast of the day to day happenings. I start my day with my morning thanks prayers, then read your posts and everything positive just sets the tone of my day. E-hugs to all. Prayers flowing. Onward ever onward! Love, Joni & Ken

    5 years ago · Reply
  • Mary Brewton
    Mary Brewton

    Thankful of the progress Perry is making! Slow but sure wins the race, Perry! The Cubs are sure trying to cheer you up, right?!! Continuing in prayer, Mary and family

    5 years ago · Reply
  • joel pierandozzi
    joel pierandozzi

    Very happy to read and keep up with positive progress! Thank you

    5 years ago · Reply