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Posted 2015-09-19T06:25:00Z

September 18, 2015 - Perry: A True Contender

9/18 Hannah RN informed me Perry awakened at 2a & was still awake at time of her call @ 632a. During his morning OT session with Kim, he was assisted to sit at the side of his bed for 30 minutes & was assisted to begin to wash his face. He has been experiencing an increase again in the frequency & intensity of the hand & feet tremors since yesterday so it is a very challenging task to begin as he also has to develop & strengthen hand, arm, neck, shoulder, & abdominal muscles. His formula feedings have been at 60 mL/hr for the last 2 days as his abdomen is becoming distended to about a 9 month pregnancy comparison. Bill RT kept him on CPAP & chose not to do trach collar breathing to avoid increasing his abdominal distention. He did not trial the Passy Muir valve today. Bill has been pleased with Perry's tidal volumes on CPAP throughout the last week. Tidal volume is defined as the volume of air that moves in & out of the lungs during quiet breathing. During PT with Dean, he was transferred onto a Moveo XP Exercise Platform. During his session, Perry was able to accomplish 25 downward then upward leg exercises. Very, very hard work but a huge sense of accomplishment. Moveo XP Exercise Platform: Almost immediately after PT, he began 3 hr dialysis to cleanse his blood & not draw off any fluid as his BUN was 72 today (normal 10-25). BUN=blood urea nitrogen reveals whether your kidneys & liver are working properly. He may have to have a new femoral artery catheter placed for future dialysis as it has been very sluggish & started to clot off this evening but it was able to be revived with an emergent medication. The Intensivist that is covering J5-5 CVICU this evening had not taken care of Perry since shortly after 8/5. He was reviewing Perry's medical record for an extensive period of time. He came in to see him, stood at the foot of his bed in awe & said to Perry several times "You are a remarkable man!!!" At 1000p, Perry was able to accomplish his goal of sitting upright on the edge of his bed to dangle for a total of 45 minutes today - a very long & productive day. As he was becoming increasingly drowsy, I couldn't figure out the word "swab" which I swear looked like "throb!" He became very upset that I wasn't getting it. Then I had a light bulb moment - He wanted me to ask Nathan RN for a "swab" dipped in ice water to moisten his mouth. I may ask Michael to bring our punching bag from home so Perry can get out his many frustrations. (Dean thought it was a good idea too) "I coulda been a contender!"

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  • Joni DeBusk
    Joni DeBusk

    Moveo XP Exercise Platform wouldn't you love to know the reason someone invented this. Got to be a great personal story behind its invention. What a wonderful contraption. Is this what Perry has been using or something new added to his PT? Great work out and so much safer for the patient. All of your training and you did not take "lip reading" but quickly getting a crash course. I can only imagine wanting your lips/mouth swabbed for some moisture but not being able to make that want known. I pray that Passy-Muir valve is durable for Perry soon. I pray you got all settled into your new apartment and was able to get a few hours of much needed sleep. E-Hugs and continuous prayers. Love, Joni & Ken

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