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Posted 2015-09-29T04:40:00Z

Post for Thursday, September 24, 2015

Thursday, September 24, 2015 Perry continued with deep sleep the entire night but was able to be aroused, able to only briefly open his eyes, wiggle his toes, & squeeze fingers for night shift neuro assessments for Lauren RN. The 20 minute video surveillance EEG was completed in early AM. Later in the morning when he was more awake, he was sat up on the side of the bed to dangle by 2 Nursing Aids & me, & I washed & massaged his back. He was been able to follow commands but extremely tired. By noon he was back to sleep. There's been so many challenges affecting some of Perry's progression mostly related to: time needed for healing; strengthening of atrophied muscles; nutrition; medications; Perry's specific needs for medical, nursing & therapy rehabilitation as well as intermittent acute care; timely resources for physical movement & activity assistance needs; so called "too many cooks in the kitchen" with all the different physician teams rotating & each with their own practice of medicine & personalities; improved active listening skills as well as effective communication of diagnostic results & plan of care; the ongoing highly stressful environment & acuity of the patients being served in J5-5; & the need for "individualized" patient-centered care of the “total” person with multiple complex conditions. Needless to say there’s been a few stressful interactions that have occurred over the last few days. As of today, I now finally have "a go to intensivist physician" for any further issues, problems, concerns & of course compliments. He happens to be the same physician who acknowledged that Perry is a true miracle so God is present & helping me to recognize & develop trust in the medical team & that He's got this covered. The doctor & I had a chance to work together to make changes to Perry’s medications & dosages, frequency of activities as tolerated by Perry, & with Perry's goals at the center of his care too. He provided me with his cell phone number. Although there’s been some “good, bad & ugly” along the way, Perry & hopefully many other patients will be able to benefit as a result of resolution of some of the many challenges we both have encountered. We are "Onward Christian Soldiers" with lots & lots of HARD work ahead. Since I've been in the same clothes for 3 days, Perry was able to acknowledge only with the subtlest of a nod that he could hear me say that I wanted to go home to the Transplant House, shower, take a nap, eat, & come back. Thank goodness he also nodded that it was okay. There was a note from the Transplant House that had been delivered to my door that they were going to be having a "pot luck" dinner @ 630p. I didn't have to cook, & I was glad to share Sanders Dark Chocolate Sea Salted Caramels as I met some of my "neighbors." Upon my return that evening, he was asleep but able to awaken easily. He later aroused & started to watch Law & Order SVU which he had not shown an interest in doing for weeks, so that was a really welcomed good sign.

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  • Joni DeBusk
    Joni DeBusk

    God is definitely working in and around you two. Lots of “little” setbacks and problems which would kill a lesser man and bring a less knowledgeable wife to her knees (well if there, might as well pray some more). However, you now have a “go to” person in charge and finally Perry can really start that road to recovery and get out of ICU. But look at the wonders - you slept in Perry’s room and therefore present when that doctor arrived. You finally get to return to the Transplant House for a much needed shower, change of clothes and what’s waiting on your door – an invite for dinner. WOW, our God is good all the time. All the time, our God is good. E-Hugs and lots of prayers. PS: We had lunch with your parents yesterday and they are doing well, all things considered, they too are holding strong.

    4 years ago · Reply