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Posted 2015-09-30T03:47:22Z

Post for Saturday, September 26, 2015

Saturday, September 26, 2015 According to Perry, he slept well & had an uneventful night. Jackie, his day shift RN, informed me that an abdominal KUB X-ray was done due to abdominal distension. He continued to nap shortly after my arrival & into the early afternoon. I put Perry's bed into chair mode to increase his ability to tolerate trach collar breathing which he had not done for quite some time. He struggled during the 2nd ½ hr but was able to make it for 65 minutes total with applications of ice cold forehead wash cloths, lots of encouragement, & praise. He immediately fell asleep once I reclined his bed out of chair mode. I learned at 120p that it was just Sam & Nick that were coming to visit & updated Perry their ETA was ~330p. At 320p, Nick called to inform me they had arrived; however, Sam had taken a fall in the hospital's lobby as heading to the bathroom due to the very slippery waxed floors & the soles of Sam's shoes not gripping the floor. He sustained an injury to his L forehead, L forearm, & L hip & had to be taken the the ER via ambulance. I returned to inform Perry that Sam was being taken to the ER & reassured him that fortunately Sam did not have a loss of consciousness, but that he did hit the floor rather hard. I then joined Sam & Nick in the ER (in building across the street) as Sam's history & physical assessment were completed. Upon my return to Perry, the RT informed me that he had Perry do trach collar breathing again; however Perry struggled to complete 15 minutes due to my absence & anxiety in regards to Sam. Under those circumstances, Perry did awesome!!!!! Results of Sam's head CT scan was thankfully negative & the L hip X-ray revealed a questionable fracture. At 710p, father & son were finally able to be reunited with both of them very happy to see each other. It was a truly heartfelt moment to witness as they had not seen each other (except via FaceTime) since we left home for Perry's admission on July 13th to be approved for a 1A heart status listing with UNOS. Many thanks to Nick for all of his help & hard work to help make it all happen!!!!! We settled Perry in for the night, & then Nick & I settled Sam in for the night after a bite to eat at the hotel & Nick making 2 trips to the pharmacy to get Sam's pain medication prescription filled. Like father, like son - it's all about love of family!!!!! We are both blessed, & I enjoyed getting to comfort my father-in-law as we talked about many things that were on Sam's heart & mind as we held hands.

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  • Dianne Cook
    Dianne Cook

    Oh my gosh!! Are you sure this isn't some type of Lifetime made for TV movie?? Are there hidden cameras?? It never stops for you poor guys!! Thank God Sam didn't get hurt more seriously...poor Nick to witness all of this...and poor you to have one more thing to worry about!! Prayers and hugs coming your way. ❤️❤️

    4 years ago · Reply