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Posted 2015-09-30T05:26:00Z

Post for Sunday, September 27, 2015

Sunday, September 27, 2015 Another uneventful night for Perry. Emily was Perry's day shift RN. The last time that she had taken care of Perry was after he was transferred from Room 13 to Room 7 on the morning of August 5th, the truly eventful day. Dr. Lane (Transplant Pulmonologist) informed me that he was going to order a low dose of Reglan to be given daily to facilitate bowel motility due to Perry's continued abdominal distention. Should Reglan not be effective perhaps DomPeridone may be recommended which can be obtained from Canada @ $60/month out of pocket as it is not approved in the United States for such use. Perry was able to complete 15 minutes of trach collar breathing this morning which required lots of praise & encouragement & was very difficult due to his abdominal distension. An EKG was done @ ~1110a to check Perry's heart QT segment as possible side effect of Reglan is a prolonged QT segment. As of today, only the RT is to provide trach suctioning to prevent lung complications as his chest X-ray is indicating a pleural effusion which is a buildup of fluid between the tissues lining the lungs & the chest. I asked for the newly ordered scheduled dose of Reglan be held as Perry had 3 loose liquid stools already today possibly related to the IV Reglan given on Friday as well as Colace having been given & not held despite loose stools. Sam & Nick visited with Sam experiencing increased pain & difficulty weight bearing on L hip/leg. With a long ride home ahead & the need to be able to transport Sam to & from the car, a wheelchair was eventually obtained from hospital administration. Goodbyes were said with our hopes & prayers that things will go well for both Sam & Perry & that their next reunion will be under better circumstances with both of them having made significant health related progress!! Perry remained extremely tired throughout the rest of the day, took frequent naps, & mouthed,“I feel out of it.” The fact that he asked me to turn on the Bears game did show a hint of progression & that he may be turning a corner as he's showing interest in some of his favorite pastimes. He expressed repeatedly, “I need you here with me!!” which melted my heart & allowed me to reassure him that we are in this together & that although there is lots of hard work ahead there's nowhere else that I'd rather be than with him!!! Thank you God for all of your miracles & the love, support, & prayers of our families & friends!!!! Nick & Sam made it home later than expected as the keys were accidentally locked inside the car at a rest stop during a transfer into the wheelchair. God has a way of encouraging us to have a sense of humor even when we do not find things funny at the time. Laughter is the best medicine, & we are so ready to laugh!!!!! The "Blood Moon" occurred this evening.

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