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Posted 2015-10-07T05:24:23Z

October 6, 2015 - So Very Thankful to Celebrate Our 31st Wedding Anniversary!!!!!

Rachael RN’s call this morning indicated he had a restless night otherwise an uneventful night & would be starting dialysis ~730a.  

Upon my arrival, he had just been started on 4 hr dialysis session with a completion time of 1130a & plan to remove 2.5-3 liters of fluid depending upon his BP & toleration as well as blood cleansing of toxins.  After dialysis, he rested for a short bit.  Cat day shift RN & assistant dangled him shortly after dialysis.  Later as being placed in chair mode, he experienced nausea & dizziness which eventually abated with Zofran for the nausea & repositioning him & cold cloth.  PT completed some basic leg strengthening exercises for a short session.      

After his nausea & dizziness subsided, he tolerated a 15 minute episode of trach capping with significantly less nasal flaring & much more relaxed breathing in comparison to his previous trach collar breathing.  Several staff were in & out of his room during capping & were thrilled to hear his voice.  “Happy Anniversary” was said as well as Perry asking lots of questions trying to establish a plan with Margaret, his RT today, so that he could have more successful progress & wrap his mind around what he needs to be more successful.  We reinforced how hard he had worked in that 15 minute session & that he is not expected to talk but a few words if he wanted to do so.  Margaret was very pleased with the capping session & willing to work “with Perry” & listened to what I had noticed seemed to be more successful & less labor intensive for Perry during the last 3 days of more successful sessions with Matt RT.  Of course, being relieved of 2.5 liters of fluid with this morning’s dialysis facilitated a successful capping too.  

We were surprised with a cake & group card for our anniversary by the staff, & we were wished a “Happy 31st Anniversary” by several staff as the day progressed.  The staff got to enjoy the cake minus 2 pieces.  Laura, the music therapist was “instrumental” in playing guitar & keyboards as she played & sang several songs from our wedding which brought many smiles & of course tears as we reflected upon being given the chance to have “today” to celebrate another “Happy Anniversary!!!”

Perry remained awake although tired throughout the remainder of the evening & was ready to go to sleep by 9p.  Jackie, his night shift RN who will be running in the Chicago Marathon this weekend, will do what she can to see to it that he gets a good night’s rest to watch the Cubs game tomorrow night @ 8p.  

We are both so very thankful to celebrate our 31st wedding anniversary as this day would not be possible without putting our faith & trust in God & in each other.  Thank you all for the many blessings, prayers & support & love that you bring to us. Thank you to our donor & the donor's family for sharing a heart with which to love again & the lungs that allow the breaths that sustain his life with me & our family & friends....  from the bottom of my heart, thank you!!!!  Love, faith, & hope....the greatest of these is love..... 

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  • Edith P Hanrahan
    Edith P Hanrahan

    Happy Anniversary you two!

    6 years ago · Reply
  • Dennis G. Barker
    Dennis G. Barker

    God grants man many monumental moments in life, what a delicious joy to walk ones beautiful daughter down the aisle, as she beams in reflection and anticipation of wonderment of the fulfillment Almighty God granted we humans, to the man, that is glowing at being favored by Gods Undescribable Plan as 2 will be life partners=One! A Glorious Moment! LOVE IS GODS PLAN & HOPE FOR US. YOU ARE LIVING HIS PLAN! Keep building those memories, now with 31 years experience, you have only just begun!

    6 years ago · Reply


    6 years ago · Reply
  • Joanne Bruni
    Joanne Bruni

    Happy Anniversary! It seems like yesterday that we enjoyed that glorious occasion. If I remember correctly there were many cub hats being worn at the reception while Nicky had the game on the radio. I don't think it was a happy ending regarding the game, but a wonderful start of your life together as Mr. & Mrs.! Congratulations; sending much love, many hugs and many, many wishes for many more happy, healthy anniversaries. Go Cubs, presently 3-0!! Love you both very much! xo Joanne Bruni

    6 years ago · Reply
  • Monica Ingram
    Monica Ingram

    Thank you Misty. Tell Perry we are very impressed by his progress. He is doing a great and we do understand it will be depressing for him many times. Encouragement is about all we can do and of course lots of prayers. Greetings to Ann also. Perry, we will be looking forward to watching the Cubs when they get farther into the play-offs as we don't see them now. I'm not so sure we'll be watching the Bears however :) but if the Vikings don't improve we might have to cheer for the Bears. ;(

    6 years ago · Reply
  • Lisa Lewis
    Lisa Lewis

    Happy belated Anniversary Perry and Misty! Relly busy the last couple of days with early AM's and going until bedtime! BUT, I always read your post with my AM coffee! Love you two!

    6 years ago · Reply
  • Perry DiGiovanni
    Perry DiGiovanni

    Thank you all for the many Happy Anniversary wishes!!! It was a great day for Perry & for me & for US!!!!

    6 years ago · Reply
  • Michael and Gayle Bonet
    Michael and Gayle Bonet

    Happy Anniversary to you both. Praying that the challenges you are facing now will bring you many many more. Michael and Gayle Bonet

    6 years ago · Reply
  • Claire Nardoni
    Claire Nardoni

    Happy anniversary! God bless both of you. Love and prayers, Claire Nardoni

    6 years ago · Reply