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Posted 2015-10-08T04:53:00Z

October 7, 2015 - 7th Inning Sleepy Time Stretch

Morning update call from Jackie RN indicated that Perry slept very well during the night & was still sleeping @ the time of her call.  She replaced his Foley catheter (drains urine) as it had continued to leak intermittently for the last 3 days.  The new catheter also began to leak, so she contacted the doctor.   I have been repeatedly mentioning for ~1 month that he has most likely been having bladder spasms based upon his complaints of the feeling of not being able to urinate & due to noting very small amounts of urine output followed by large bursts.  Finally the problem is being addressed & the medication Ditropan was ordered.  

Upon my arrival this morning, he was awake & Cat RN said he slept until 830a!!! Continued back & forth discussions occurred regarding exactly who was to do his trach change. Patients are typically extubated & out of the CVICU so his trach change had been overlooked until I continued to pursue it.  Supposedly first change is done after 30 days of initial placement & must be done by the physician team who inserted it.  Finally it was decided that Dr. Marsh, Cardiothoracic Anesthesiology & Surgical Staff Intensivist would be the one to complete the trach change.  This afternoon it was finally changed.  He then was taken for a chest CT scan to have a comparison of a previous chest CT scan to determine if L lung pocket of fluid has improved.  He did not undergo any trach capping today.  

I was treated to a delicious lunch at Gamekeeper's Taverne & then to my first professional hair coloring & haircut at Accents Salon & Spa in Chagrin Falls by new friends, Lois & Pam, both members of Parkside Church whose pastor is Alistair Begg. Mom stayed with Perry & was able to witness a combined Physical & Occupational Therapy session during which Perry was assisted to a standing position twice with their help.  Perry has continued to have increased tremors to arms/hands & feet throughout the day which troubles him. He seemed pleased with my new "do."  He rested for a short bit during the evening & although tired was awake the majority of the day.  He was ready to tune in to the Cubs pre-game by 7p.  It was the first Cubs game we were able to watch on the big screen & not via computer.  Unfortunately, he was given his evening meds which increase his drowsiness, so he was pretty much asleep except for frequent requests for me to provide repetitive oral suctioning & desired trach suctioning & maintaining comfortable body warmth/cool off.  He was able to acknowledge with a brief eye opening that the Cubs won against the Pittsburgh Pirates 4-0.  "Cubs win, Cubs win!!!!!  Holy Cow!!!"  

Yesterday, mom & I toured the Rehabilitation Unit known as M 80 to learn more about the unit & whether I will be able to stay with him in his room.  They welcome family to stay & visitation is 24 hours.  It is a brightly lit unit.  He will not be able to be discharged from the CVICU to the Heart/Lung Transplant Unit also known as J 82 until he has been able to be off the vent for 48 hrs consecutively.  Once Perry is able to tolerate being able to go through 3 hours of therapy/day, he will then be transferred to M 80. 

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  • Dennis G. Barker
    Dennis G. Barker

    Team Misty/Perry pitching a shut out, just like the Cubs last PM. Winners all! Great teams face adversity but with determination to find the instilled professional correct match ups to fulfill the requirements for winning. But life is more than just a game, it is mans utmost endeavor and with God as our Manager and follow his playbook "The Holy Bible" our personal championships are by the book! Batter Up!

    5 years ago · Reply
  • Joni DeBusk
    Joni DeBusk

    See how much I know - I thought it was "football" season and the Clubs where football players! Whoops, sorry Perry. I'm not a sports fan other than golf. Reading Denny's post I finally realized that the Club must be baseball and my hubby did mention something about baseball play offs or something. LOL Great new friends and a new do. That's awesome and I know that lifted your spirits. Thankful that Ann is there with you to lend a hand and be able to stay with Perry while you got some much needed "me" time. I know God's in charge but I also truly believe that He sent you to that dance and into nursing just so you would be in charge of Perry's team during this journey! Some great strides forward. Praying today will be a good one. E-Hugs and much prayers. Love, Joni & Ken PS: Tell your mom, we had dinner with Denny, Jayne & Charlie last night and all looked great and dinner was wonderful and our class is canceled until Jan since Dr. Stone's husband is having knee replaced on Monday.

    5 years ago · Reply
  • Toni Noland Kanzler
    Toni Noland Kanzler

    Misty, Perry, Mrs. & Mrs. B....for some reason I googled Perry's name tonight and am catching up with everything. Oh my goodness. What a journey you are having! I have a bit of understanding as my dad went in for a heart cath on Dec 18, had a 6 way bypass and valve replacement on Dec 19 and endured a month in CICU at St. Vincents. Vent, dialysis, plus multiple other complications. It's tough to keep up with all that they need to improve, especially as one thing leads to another and another. That was just a month. Our prayers are with you all, especially to you Misty for stamina and patience on God can provide. I will continue to keep track so we can pray specifically. (Say hello to Denise). Toni

    5 years ago · Reply