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Posted 2015-10-12T05:10:00Z

October 11, 2015

Perry slept fairly well throughout most of the night awakening with needs of suctioning & elimination. Jay was his day shift RN. He had requested her to awaken me @ 7a, but she told him I might need to sleep a bit longer & that she would take care of his needs until I awakened on my own. Today went well with toleration of trach capping for 31 minutes starting @ 1143 & for 24 minutes starting @ 324p. Bill RT was pleased even though the length of capping was shorter as his chest muscles & diaphragms had an extensive work out yesterday. He began to have lower oxygen saturations to 94%, increased nasal flaring, & more abdominal movements so Bill did not want to push him harder. After each session, he was completely zonked for several hours. I was able to get the Klonopin as well as the Ditropan (for bladder spasms) changed from 9a, 1p & 9p to every 8 hours since the myoclonus & bladder spasms occur throughout the day & night. He was able to hear the Bears game & eventually awakened about 310p to also watch it. The evening progressed with a few additional naps & more OT & PT exercises completed while awake & asleep. At 915p, Josh RN turned him onto his L side so I could complete range of motion & stretching exercises to his R hip as well as a back massage which settled him in for hopefully a good night's rest.

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