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Posted 2015-10-14T05:22:00Z

October 13, 2015 - "Am I Going to Get Out of Here?"

Perry slept through most of the night despite the continued loud stressful groans of the patient in next room.  Josh RN was able to take over the care of Perry from Erica RN ~130a as her other patient required all of her attention & that of many other staff.   Perry intermittently awakened with needs for oral & trach suctioning, position changes, removing & later reapplying covers, & elimination.   

Annie RN & orientee Katie RN from a different ICU were assigned to Perry @ 7a.  During his PT session with Dean & Julio, he completed a total of 50 reps of leg squats & extensions on the Moveo equipment which was phenomenal.  Dr. Kotloff & the resident, Pulmonologists, visited & were shown a few of the video segments from yesterday afternoon’s trach capping.  He was able to visualize the paradoxical movement of his abdomen demonstrated on the video.  Dr. Kotloff planned to order an ultrasound to determine functioning of the diaphragms.  Needless to say after being transferred off the Moveo & back into bed upon completion of PT, a long rest occurred.  We received a visit from Lois Church, the nurse who has been a God send to me & who helped us to smile as she showed us a video of her 10 month old granddaughter learning to say “Hi, Hey, Hi, Hi.”  She spoke words of encouragement to Perry of his progress since she saw him last to which he attentively listened.  Dr. Mazen Hanna, Perry’s cardiologist, also made a quick visit to say Hi to Perry while he was on J5-5 to see another patient.  Dr. Hanna lived in Wrigleyville for a short stint, so he spoke about the Cubs victory knowing that Perry loves the Cubs.  He was pleased with Perry’s hand grip strength & his ability to push down with his feet against resistance to his hands & to see him looking good.    

Perry was still rather tired when Stephanie RT began a trach capping trial @ 1152 on 4 liters of oxygen via nasal cannula.  He was only able to tolerate capping until 1213 before experiencing difficulty.  Another nap followed.  Dialysis was for 3 ½ hours starting @ ~140p with 2 liters of fluid removed today.  He continued to sleep intermittently during dialysis, but was able to remain awake throughout most all of this evening's Cubs vs St. Louis Cardinals.  Michael FaceTimed us shortly after the Cubs game WIN.  We then contacted Sam & Char regarding the Cubs win & to receive an update on how they are both doing.  We inquired about when Perry's ultrasound would be done & according to Annie RN she did not find that an order had ever been entered.  No additional trach capping trials were done today as Perry did not have the energy to do so after dialysis.  Erica RN is his night shift RN. The gentleman next to Perry has had a quiet day so hopefully things will go smoothly tonight for him as well.  Perry asked if I would go home to take a shower, change clothes & come back to stay the night with him again.  We talked about a few things that are weighing heavily on his mind.  I was able to go home, eat a delicious New England Boiled Dinner meal that my mom had made for me per my request, shower & change clothes.  It is important that I am here now.  He was resting upon my return but able to nod that he knew I was here & has been able to rest more calmly with me present.


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  • Joni DeBusk
    Joni DeBusk

    I don't know what a New England Boiled Dinner is....I know Low Country Boiled Dinner but doubt they are anything alike. Knowing Ann made it; I know it was wonderful and I know how happy she is that she was able to prepare some meals for you. Got to take care of Misty. Perry has a huge team taking care of him and once out of there, you will be that team! Sounds like all in all, it was a good day. Hope today is another good one. E-Hugs and lots of prayers. Love, Joni & Ken PS: Thankful the CUBS are winning.

    4 years ago · Reply
  • Darlene

    God Bless you all.Amen

    4 years ago · Reply