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Posted 2015-10-22T04:45:00Z

Post for October 20, 2015

Once again Perry's night was uneventful from his usual. He was started on 4 hr dialysis @ 745a with 2 liters of fluid removed, so he's a dry as a turnip. He slept a majority of the treatment, so I was able to sleep a little extra too. The blood flow had slowed with position change, but increased shortly after returning to his R side & finished dialysis @ 1148. Dean PT stopped by & asked to speak to me outside of Perry's room early this morning. He informed me that he had spoken with Dr. Anandamurthy, Intensivist, & had been given permission for Perry to be taken up to the rooftop tomorrow. He wanted to know if that would be okay & as long as he could get the needed staff (RN, RT) on the same page, he would like to plan on ~1130 tomorrow as it's supposed to be in the 70s & very soon the temperatures are expected to decline. Of course my answer was YES!!!!! He didn't want to tell Perry in the event it would not come to fruition. Perry's Aunt Thelma called & was updated on his condition. Dr. Lane rounded & informed us that the EMG of the diaphragms with phrenic nerve stimulation is part of his plan. He will go for a chest CT scan tomorrow for a comparison to his last one done on 10/7. We were informed that there is yeast growing in the cultures from the pigtail chest tube catheter secretions obtained on Saturday afternoon, so I'm really glad to have checked as to whether or not cultures had been obtained during the insertion procedure. He was started on daily IV Micafungin 100 mg, an anti-fungal. Nephrology Dr. informed me they will increase his weekly dosage of Erythropoietin (helps bones to make red blood cells) for his anemia & while he is on the anti-fungal medication. Dr. Koval, Infectious Disease, rounded & I updated her as to the current plan relayed by Dr. Lane. Got into chair mode with initial complaint of abdominal discomfort but able to relieve several burps. It has been such a blessing not having an overly distended abdomen since he began trach capping & chewing the Mylicon so it can have an effect on his stomach too!!! No KUB abdominal X-rays have needed to be done for a few weeks now!!!! Dr. Anandamurthy, Intensivist, revealed to Perry of the plan to get him to the rooftop, so he was happy to hear the news!!!! At the same time that I asked when Perry was able to stop having a daily chest X-ray taken since he's had one everyday & then some since 7/27, he was going to tell me that he would like for X-Rays done every other day or less often unless his condition warrants otherwise. He was able to tolerate trach capping from 1319-1341 (22 minutes) on 4 liters oxygen via nasal cannula with a little purplish red color change noted near the end. He has remained in a very sleepy state throughout most of the day. Word was received that Char's hip replacement surgery went well. Varcia RT trialed Perry on BiPap mode without capping to see how he would do. He was able to tolerate a few minutes & slept for awhile longer. He then had an OT session with Kim while chair mode to work with therapeutic hand putty. Then returned his bed to bed mode, added his mirror to end of the bed, & he did reaching & hand to hand transfer exercises with a baseball followed by hand/wrist/arm exercises with 1# dumbbell weights & 0.5 # wrist weights to help control some of the hand shaking. I had the opportunity to extend my sympathies, hugs & kisses to another wife whose husband had been on J5-5 for nearly 4 1/2 months, had been transferred to another area so that he could have a large window exposure, then went to another ICU, discharged back to the the other area & 4 hours later back to the ICU. She & I were able to talk on many occasions while her husband was in J5-5 & afterward. He is at peace now & she was able to receive his death as a blessing now that he is no longer severely ill & suffering. Lots of hard times are experienced in my own life as well as those whose paths have been intertwined along the way. Perry then slept for awhile longer awakening to watch Jeopardy. In preparation for the Cubs vs NY Mets game, we did a video singing "Take Me Out to the Ballgame." We then FaceTimed with our son Michael & Perry's 1st cousin, Edie, who provided great "southwestern hospitality" as Michael visited & dined at her home in Las Vegas. Perry then fell asleep by 1010p before the ballgame was over & Nate RN then administered his bedtime medications.

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  • Dennis G. Barker
    Dennis G. Barker

    So glad you are having such beautiful weather, and his progress is so visible to Ann and I, the two of you are both worker bees, and have utmost concerns for others. You make us proud!

    4 years ago · Reply
  • Joni DeBusk
    Joni DeBusk

    Love the new picture and the big smiles on both your faces! Your smile is so like your mom's! You post all sounds good - seems bigger steps where taken. Praying for today's adventure to happen. E-Hugs and lots of prayers. Love, Joni & Ken

    4 years ago · Reply