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Posted 2015-10-23T05:33:00Z

Post for October 21, 2015 - "Honoring Perry DiGiovanni Stay Strong! Get Well!"

The night was uneventful with intermittent awakenings for suctioning & position changes.  

A different Rachel was his day shift RN.  Dr. James Conway, Intensivist, came to visit Perry & discussed today's plan for chest CT scan.  Dr. Lane, Pulmonologist, then rounded with plan for chest CT scan today & explained why he did not want to proceed with EMG of diaphragm due to the present yeast infection in the fluid collection outside of the L lung & mediastinum (breastbone).  He discussed plan for Perry to continue with trach capping & be on CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure) intermittently during the daytime to help facilitate the vent weaning process.     

In order to coordinate all parties that need to be involved, Dean PT & Rachel RN informed us that the plan to get Perry to the rooftop was changed from 1130 to ~1p.  Perry was able to tolerate trach capping with 4 liters of oxygen via nasal cannula from 1123a-1201p (38 minutes) with complaints of his sides hurting near the end.  He remains focused with his eyes closed, ice cold washcloths replenished as needed to his forehead, & reassurance that his oxygen saturations are within an acceptable range.  Although capped his does not speak but an occasional word due to the energy expenditure.  His chest CT scan went smoothly, & he returned to the CVICU relatively soon after leaving.  Dr. Koval, Infectious Disease, visited shortly after his return & was informed of having just had the CT.  The pigtail serous secretions have not increased with ~300-350 mL total output since Saturday’s insertion, & the cultures are still just showing Candida albicans (yeast).  

Perry was transferred into recliner by assistance of Dean PT & Larry @ ~1245.  After all equipment was gathered & secured, a mask was placed on Perry & he left with an entourage of Dean PT, Larry PT Assistant, Rachel RN, Nicki (Nichol) J5-5 CVICU CPN , Raymond RT & myself.  We successfully made it to the rooftop by ~140p with a little bit of cloud cover present, a gentle light breeze, ~65-70 degree temperature, & then suddenly rays of sunshine broke through the clouds & we felt the presence of the warmth of the sun (Son) & Perry’s mother, Doreen.  We have always been blessed with sunny skies on important occasions since she has been gone.  Thank you God & Doreen for a splendid ~20 minutes on the rooftop overlooking Cleveland.  Perry was exhausted upon return to his room @ ~220p & was transferred via sling & the ceiling lift back into bed.  He almost immediately fell asleep.

Dr. Conway stopped by to inform me that he will be ordering an ultrasound of the lungs to check for additional fluid.  Perry continued to sleep soundly.  He was started on CPAP followed by trach capping from 452p-547p (55 minutes) which he tolerated fairly well although still exhausted.  Two sets of blood cultures were drawn per Dr. Koval’s orders.  Cat RN continued to make Perry comfortable as he continued to want to sleep the remainder of the evening.  

A Kappa Sigma fraternity brother of Perry’s, Mike Johnson, from our alma mater, Indiana State University, had notified me via FaceBook on Tuesday about inquiring to have Perry’s name & Get Well Wishes posted on the new Wrigley Field’s Video Board at the Cubs game on either  Wednesday or Thursday night during the playoff game against the New York Mets.  He notified me today that at the middle of the 5th inning before the Cubs come to bat the scoreboard message would read, “Honoring Perry DiGiovanni, Stay Strong! Get Well!”  According to the website for Cubs Charities “The custom scoreboard message will be broadcast further than you think as all proceeds from custom messages help fund Cubs Charities programs for at risk youth.”  Over 42,000+ were in attendance at tonight’s game, & I received a photograph shortly after it appeared on the scoreboard taken by my friend, Kim Aldana, who was at the game.  Totally awesome!!!!  Perry was truly honored!!!!!  I would hope that part of the proceeds from Mike’s generous donation will benefit youth via drug use prevention programs & save a life or many lives in particular from heroin which is unfortunately how Perry’s donated organs became available.  There have been a record number of overdoses & deaths from heroin & heroin laced with the drug fentanyl in Cleveland & Chicago as well as other parts of our country which unfortunately has increased the number of organs that are donated.  Although these organs are life saving for the recipient, it is such a devastating loss of the victim & for the victim’s family & friends.   

My brother-in-law Nick’s secretary, Terry Lanzi, had also texted me earlier in the day that she had sent an email to Ron & Pat with WBBM to see if they would make an announcement with Get Well wishes.  I was not able to get the game on WBBM but should any of you happened to have heard the game’s broadcast on WBBM & you got to hear Perry’s name being mentioned, please let me know.  

I attempted on several occasions to arouse Perry in order to watch the Cubs game, but he barely had the energy to mouth words to me.  I kept the speaker close to his ear so at least he could take in more of the game.  By the 8th inning, I was still trying to get Perry to awaken to cheer for his Cubbies.  I finally figured out what he was able to barely mouth to me, “We don’t have the pitching.”  Shortly after, the hoped for “W” flag became an “M” flag for “Maybe next year!”  Hats off still to the Cubs for an extraordinary season & making it to the playoffs!!!!    



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  • Joni DeBusk
    Joni DeBusk

    So thankful the trip to the roof top was a success and that Perry was able to see the sun and felt the Son and Doreen. How awesome. I wish someone had taken a picture of the team and equipment making that trip. That was such a wonderful thing for them to do. Sorry your team did not win but as you said, "Maybe next year" and then Perry can really watch the games and enjoy them more. Being honored on the scoreboard, how awesome was that. I hope someone sends Perry a picture of that. E-Hugs and tons of prayers. Love, Joni & Ken

    4 years ago · Reply
  • Dennis G. Barker
    Dennis G. Barker

    The warm glow of the "Son"-Shine on ones face, in Gods great outdoors, in the company of those that love & care for you, how much better can we be rewarded in life? Plus all the efforts and love involved with getting involvement of the Cubs to honor Perry on the Wrigley Field Scoreboard, how many ever get their "name up in lights"? Just listing all the gains that have taken place at CC is mind boggling! Team Perry makes us also Glow in pride, as we praise God for each blessed day! As your dear friend Greg says, "If you keep the water out of the canoe, you can stay afloat!"

    4 years ago · Reply