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Post for October 31, 2015

Post for Saturday, October 31, 2015

Perry had an uneventful night.  Elizabeth RN, his day shift RN, was also new to him & from another unit.  Dialysis was started @ 730a.  Greg & PJ arrived @ ~9a & Perry was intermittently awake during their visit.  I was able to see them off @ the elevators after passing through the ROYGBIV-lighted tunnel leading to the parking garage @ ~11a (ROYGBIV = Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, & Violet = all of the colors in a rainbow).  Dialysis was completed by ~1115p with 500 mL of fluid removed.  Perry continued to sleep through the early afternoon hours.  He did not want to watch the Bears game despite my encouragement.  Shortly after Perry awakened, Varsha RT began trach capping @ 243p on 4 L of oxygen supplementation via nasal cannula. His secretions were a thicker, cloudy white when the trach cuff deflated.  He was able to remain capped until 427p.

Dr. Aaron Douglas, Intensivist, rounded & informed us that he had spoken with Dr. McCurry as to whether additional tPA will be given.  Dr. McCurry plans to speak with Dr. Murthy before a decision is made.  There is still some atelectasis (areas of collapse) present most likely related to the pressure on the L lung due to the pleural effusion.  Results from Modified Barium Swallow Study indicates that he is eligible to start receiving thickened honey nectar.  

Perry continued to sleep until the evening, & then he channel surfed with the TV remote.  I received pictures of Luke, Mia, Cooper, Marshal, Sabrina, & Mike dressed in their Halloween costumes.  Perry was in the hospital last Halloween too, so I have really missed getting to treat & see all of the Trick or Treaters & making some of my favorite fall recipes - caramels, pumpkin bread, popcorn balls, & hot apple cider.  I was hoping to get an “Affy Tapple” caramel apple when I went grocery shopping last week but none were to be found.   

Lora RN was his night shift RN.  His evening was uneventful although he did require an increase in oral suctioning.  He requested Melatonin to be able to have additional restful sleep through the night.

Additional songs to all of our friends:

That’s What Friends Are For

You’ve Got A Friend

You’ve Got A Friend in Me

I Won’t Give Up

Count On Me

The Friendship Song Friends Are Quiet Angels

Stand By Me

With A Little Help From My Friends

Lean On Me




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