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Posted 2015-12-03T07:14:12Z

Post for December 2, 2015

Pending...brief update

Overall a productive but very exhausting day...took a few more steps today during PT with assistance & use of EVA tall standing walker moving in a forward as well as backward direction; trach collar breathing trial x 1 which he tolerated fairly well for 62 minutes & during which the Passy Muir valve (allows him to talk) was tolerated for ~25 minutes before his oxygen saturations decreased to 90%; 4 hours of dialysis in the afternoon.

To have bronchoscopy tomorrow, Thursday...time still not known.  Not able to do the diaphragm ultrasound or the EMG to determine the status of the phrenic nerves until next Monday or Tuesday as those are the only days of the week that those particular diagnostic tests are done.

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    We just have too keep the prayers comming

    4 years ago · Reply
  • Joanne Bruni
    Joanne Bruni

    Small steps lead to bigger steps! God Bless Perry and you Misty for the new progress. How wonderful to hear Perry making those small steps with the walker. Am praying the novena and sending personal prayers every day. Love getting your daily posts but noticing the hours they are being sent concerns me. They can wait a day or two while you catch up on some rest. As much as we worry about Perry, we worry about you, too, and your endurance. May God continue to bless you with the strength and patience needed to help Perry on his journey. Sending much love & many hugs, Joanne Bruni

    4 years ago · Reply
  • Joni DeBusk
    Joni DeBusk

    Are you starting your day really early or that's the end of your day? Seems your posts are later or earlier which ever way you look at it. Are you spending every night in ICU, not going back to the apartment to sleep? Perry's is progressing but we don't want Misty going downhill. Perry needs you behind him pushing him up this huge hill (mountain really) so you need all your strength. Let go and let God. Stop and think/consider another couple going through this and they don't have faith in God - how in the world would they get through this? I don't know how anyone lives a regular day without faith let alone in times of true trials like you two are going through. Keep the faith. E-Hugs and tons of prayers!!!! Love, Joni & Ken PS: I'll be seeing your parents today and I'll give them an extra hug!

    4 years ago · Reply