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Posted 2015-12-06T06:20:00Z

Post for December 4, 2015

Pending Brief update.... Good day overall - walked again & significantly less arm, hand, & finger tremors Able to independently suction himself which he has not been able to do for months According to Dr. Kotloff, he is to undergo diaphragm ultrasound & phrenic nerve stimulation EMG on Monday or Tuesday. The phrenic nerve stimulation EMG may not give conclusive results as the needles are placed according to anatomical landmarks & if his diaphragms are not in the normal landmark area then inconclusive results. Dr. Kotloff & Dr. Shook, Neurology do not prefer to proceed with a more definitive diagnostic test, the diaphragmatic ultrasound which involves inserting a needle directly into the diaphragm which high risk of puncturing his lung, spleen, &/or liver.

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  • Joni DeBusk
    Joni DeBusk

    Truly happy about the over all good day, less tremors. How awesome to be able to self suction - now he does not have to wait for someone to do it for him! HURRAY! All the above other stuff sounds complicated so praying the easier one works and shows the experts what they need to know and the other procedure will not be needed. E- Hugs a plenty and lots of prayers. Love, Joni Ken

    4 years ago · Reply