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Posted 2015-10-31T05:46:00Z

Post for October 28, 2015

Post for Thursday, October 28, 2015

Perry seemed to sleep fairly well with fewer interruptions during the night.  Nate RN was his assigned day shift RN.  He too gave Perry words of encouragement throughout his shift of the progress he has made & reinforced that Perry had absolutely little if any reserve to go on before his transplant was done & every bit of what he did have was needed to breath.   [...]

Posted 2015-10-30T01:04:00Z

Post for October 26, 2015 - Start of Week #14 in CVICU J5-5 & #1 Dose of tPA

Post for Monday, October 26, 2015

By the time I got groceries @ Costco & Wal-Mart, shopped for other items, traveled back to the Transplant House, made several trips to unload the groceries, put away groceries, fixed something to eat, showered, replenished clothing & food items to take to the hospital, returned to the hospital, & went through security at the front desk, it was 2a before I was back at his bedside.  Nate RN said he had been so anxious & worried while I was gone.  After kissing him & reassuring him that I was okay & here, I too “hit the hay.”  Perry had several awakenings throughout the remainder of the night.  He has developed a brand new silent hand sign language for all the things he’s wanting done with each position change that I am still trying to learn & relay to the staff what each gesture means.  Finally I said, “Honey, PLEASE use words too to tell us what it is that you’re wanting, so maybe we can figure it out & get it right!!”   Neither Nate RN nor the Clinical Tech were brave or bold enough to say that to him, but it certainly helped.  The Clinical Tech said “I can tell you’re married” & Nate RN teased him & said, “You wanted her here remember.”[...]

Posted 2015-10-29T05:21:00Z

Post for October 25, 2015

Post for Sunday, October 25, 2015

Once again, it was mostly an uneventful night with Perry’s usual awakenings intermittently.  Nate RN had told Perry that when his brother who was engrossed with dinosaurs was allowed to watch Jurassic Park he became horrifically terrified of dinosaurs for years to come, so he hoped that Perry would not be awakened due to bad dreams involving dinosaurs.      [...]

Posted 2015-10-25T05:10:53Z

Post for October 23, 2015 - "Thank You" from the Bottom of Perry's New Heart & With the Breath of Perry's New Lungs

It was another uneventful night with Erica RN taking care of Perry.  I have continued to sleep pretty well too.  For those of you who worry about me sleeping in a recliner (& I know who you are), you must remember that I am used to sleeping on a 30-40 degree incline for at least the last 15 years on our mechanical bed at home.  Sleeping in the recliner has actually prevented me from sleeping on my stomach, so I am not experiencing the effects of excessive back hyperextension that I normally would be.  Besides I have the quilt my mother made me to keep me cozy, warm, & with a feeling of safe security.[...]

Posted 2015-10-24T04:54:00Z

Post for October 22, 2015 -

The night was uneventful with Erica RN caring for him with his periodic awakenings for his norm.  Dialysis was started at 730a for a 3 ½ hour session.  Perry slept during a majority of the treatment.  Only 735 mL of fluid was removed & his session ended @ 1108a.  While I was out of the room during his disconnect from the dialysis machine, the break room where I was going to have lunch was occupied by an education class.  I went to sit in the J5-5 Family Lounge & encountered a large Italian family & support network gathering, comforting, & supporting each other & soon a priest arrived.  I have spoken with one of the sons of the patient & a few of the other family members on occasion over the last several weeks.  We have passed & greeted each other on multiple entrances & exits from J5-5 as well as at the Transplant House.  I provided the keys to my apartment to the patient’s wife so that perhaps a few of their family members from New York could stay close at hand since the time for her husband & their loved one to leave this world was soon inevitable.  It was the only thing that I could do to help.  With Perry requesting me to stay with him, it was the least that I could do since all I’ve been doing at the apartment is showering, replenishing food stores, & returning to the hospital.  [...]