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Perry DiGiovanni - Journal

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Posted 2015-12-23T08:31:34Z

Post for December 22, 2015

Brief update:  Perry's feeding was stopped at midnight in preparation for the placement of a neck central line access for dialysis & other purposes to be done at ~10a.  The procedure was postponed @ 10a until ~1p.  At 1p, the procedure was postponed for later in the day.  By 930p, the intensivist came to inform us that the lack of availability of an anesthesiologist for Perry's procedure is what caused today's delay & postponement due to the many other surgeries that had been scheduled & still waiting to occur as well as emergent procedures that needed to be addressed today.  His feeding was resumed at 30 mL/hr & will be held again after midnight in anticipation for the possibility of the procedure on Wednesday. [...]

Posted 2015-12-23T07:41:00Z

Post for December 21, 2015 - Start of Week #22 in J5-5 CVICU

Brief update:  Perry has been seeming to do much better with secretion management with the trach with sub-epiglottic suction port in place.  Dr. Wayne Tsuang, this week's Pulmonology physician on hospital service, informed us that during today's weekly meeting of physicians that discuss Perry's plan of care, it was agreed upon that he should be further evaluated by Dr. Raymond Onders for the possibility of a diaphragm pacer.  Dr. Onders is affiliated with University Hospital Case Medical Center in Cleveland.  He is currently on vacation until January, so Perry will undergo further evaluation in January.  [...]

Posted 2015-12-23T06:24:00Z

Post for December 15, 2015

Brief update: Perry was taken to the OR for a trach change to a trach with a sub-epiglottic suction port which will hopefully help with secretion management & decrease the risk of aspiration & lung infection.  A bronchoscopy was also completed while in the OR with mostly clear & cloudy mucous secretions removed.  He was given sedation medications & a paralytic agent during the procedures, so he was still under the influences of these medications when he returned to his room.[...]