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Perry DiGiovanni - Journal

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Posted 2016-02-05T11:32:00Z

Friday, February 5, 2016 3:20 AM ET - Heaven Gains An Extraordinary Angel

Perry was finally reunited with his loving mother and third child this morning at 3:20 AM ET. He rested very peacefully and lovingly in his family's warm embrace. He will be missed by many, but forgotten by none. Thank you to all those who have shown their support throughout his entire life, the past months, and the future to come. Heaven gained one extraordinary angel.[...]

Posted 2016-02-02T03:16:07Z

Monday, February 1, 2016

Perry’s body has undergone so much over the last 56 years & especially during the last 6 months post-transplant. He has given it his absolute all each & every single day of his life & unfortunately his body & strength have been wearing down & weakening for quite some time. This morning, Dr. Mehta talked with me & at this point he (the team) doesn't think/feel that putting Perry through the diaphragm pacer procedure will prove to have benefit at this relative to the degree of atrophy of his diaphragms & not having seen effective results in cases of such degree of atrophy. He said I'm not to bear or have any burden of guilt for how things have turned out that they will do that & that they are deeply saddened. In his words, he will require a miracle. He said he has witnessed miracles with Perry as he & the team never expected him to live past the events which occurred on 8/5/15. I love Dr. Mehta & I trust him.[...]