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Susan Aprati Susan Aprati

Our deepest condolences to the entire DiGiovanni family. I will aways remember his kind nature and sweet smile. A man of extreme faith and deserving of so much. He has found his place next to God. Our prayers and thoughts especially to his children and Misty who showed amazing love and respect to the man she loved. God bless all at this time filled with deep sorrow. Jeff and Sue Aprati

thomas donahue thomas donahue

From all Perry's friends and colleagues at Arthur Andersen and Q Center, we want to extend our heartfelt sympathies to the entire DiGiovanni family. Perry was an extraordinary individual who touched the lives of all who knew him. Thank you for sharing his/your difficult journey and courageous battle with us. Your deep love, support and ultimate trust in God's hand has truly been an inspiration to us all. Perry now rests in peace and our thoughts and prayers continue to be with you. Tom Donahue

Tanya Besmehn Tanya Besmehn

Dear Misty,
I can't imagine your pain, I have never met you and I only knew Perry in the halls of my high school, but those halls live—as so many of us walk them today to embrace and encourage Perry. What a wonderfully brave human being you recognized, fell in love with and married, what a strong, strong man chose a strong, strong woman for a perfect union that brought an imperfect life with all the trimmings.
We pray for you and stand beside you as you open the window and wish him through it to heaven. He will be embraced and he will wait to embrace you one day, but he will no longer be in pain. The needles, the saws, the pain and partial recoveries are over. He is safe in the hands of God and he will be watching.
I don't know you, but I wish you peace and the knowledge that his memory will live and love for a long, long time.
I send you embraces and love and all the things God provides in the sad things that happen down here. I do believe that somewhere above the clouds there are many smiles to greet Perry - and he will be free.
Wishing you love and peace,

Debbie Jones Debbie Jones

Some people come into our lives, leave footprints on our hearts, and we are never the same. Thank you for that. The Jones Family.

Jean Nordmeyer Jean Nordmeyer

Dear Perry and Misty, We have been praying for you daily, and hope you feel comfort in the love of your many friends and family members. You are not alone.

Lisa Carreras Lisa Carreras

Bob and Lisa are praying for you, Perry, as well as for your family, your donor's family and your medical team. You and Misty have been an incredible inspiration and example, to all of us, of great faith and great love. May God hold you in the palm of his hand on your journey. We will see you again friend. The Carreras Family.

Michael Johnson Michael Johnson

Chicago Cubs and Wrigley Field pay tribute to Perry & Misty during Oct 21 playoff game against Mets. 42,000 plus attendees saw this message, as all of us extend God's Speed to this lovely couple and their extended family during this arduous journey. The wider angle picture provides perspective of video board in LF, unfortunately I was not able to get a shot while Perry's message was displayed.

Jean Nordmeyer Jean Nordmeyer

Your snail picture has prompted me to find a restaurant that prepares these and try them in Perry's honor! It must be a very Italian dish I'm presuming. I'm a mussels fan so I'm thinking it will be all good! As the days pass I continue to marvel at the fortitude of both Perry and yourself, Misty! You are truly an inspiration for so many people to keep wading through whatever challenges they may face each day. And also to be grateful for each small victory, and Perry continues to have those victories, although I hear his male competitive side come out in frustration at times. 😊 It makes me think of the boys playing sports and now all of them fine young men! Misty, soldier on, and know you have many prayers and well wishes sent to you daily! 💕 Jean

Brian & Kristen Mann Brian & Kristen Mann

Misty, I have had numerous people at the Q Center asking if everything is OK with Perry. If you or another family member or friend could respond to let me (and everyone else) know how things are going it would be fantastic. Prayers and love to all of you!

Jean Nordmeyer Jean Nordmeyer

As I go through my daily activities I often think of you, Misty, always standing vigil at Perry's bedside, and I continue to be inspired by your courage and strength day after day. You are truly Perry's angel and please know our prayers are being sent to your family. Oh, I guess it's a good thing he thinks the Bears won!

Jean Nordmeyer Jean Nordmeyer

Prayers are coming daily, most especially for endurance for Perry, Misty, and all family members. Also for inspiration from his caregivers to find different ways to help ease his pain and find relief for healing.

Monica Ingram Monica Ingram

Perry, Misty and all families,
It is so interesting to read the journal messages and it is hard to even imagine what all is going on. The most it seems we can do at this time is pray. Our Lord has something in mind but we are not to know it seems. God Be With All involved. Love and hugs, Rex and Monica

John McNicholas John McNicholas

Perry, your friends in Tech send their love!

Anne Lang Anne Lang

I include you in my rosary every day. You are an inspiration to us all!

John McNicholas John McNicholas

Guest Services sends its love, prayers and support to Perry!