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Posted 2016-09-12T13:39:24Z

Party time!!

Pete's nurse put it best when she called his pain bipolar.  After seeing him in the worst pain yet yesterday morning, before I had to leave to go do a few things during the day, I came back to him having walked a lap around the floor of the hospital, and rating his pain a 7 (he previously hadn't ever made it below an 8 and was as high as a 35 on that 0-10 scale).  When I got back, he took another walk with me!  The nurses and techs were all cheering him on :)[...]

Posted 2016-09-10T22:00:03Z


One step forward, two steps back.

Overall, Pete is still definitely getting healthier. That said, we had a few low grade fevers last night and then his white count did go back up just slightly today (15.1). At the same time, his pain is real not well controlled at all, so we are relatively sure that discharge is pushed to at least Monday.[...]

Posted 2016-09-09T16:20:15Z

Positive directions

Things are definitely starting to move now.  White count was 14.6 today - WOOHOO!!  

They're talking about a Sunday discharge possibility now as long as everything continues to go well.  Now we begin the process of setting him up for home health care, figuring out what supplies and equipment are going to be needed, etc..  Several weeks off work at least, and then we see how his swelling is doing at that point to see if it is enough.  They told him today that for every day he is in the hospital, he should expect to need about 3 days of recovery.  Anticipating a 13 day hospital stay, that leaves him with just about 40 days before he is likely to start feeling back to himself from an energy and reserve standpoint.  As for the leg, probably looking at 30-45 days before that is fully healed.  That said, they only anticipate about one more week worth of oral antibiotic treatment.  He is officially off of IV antibiotics as of today, to be sure that the oral continues to work on the infection.[...]

Posted 2016-09-07T09:48:15Z


So real time updates are a tad more difficult today, since apparently I have to adult today and go to work :/   Not so good at leaving this guy in the hospital - everything seems to happen in the moments that I leave.  I won't lie though, my bed was pretty comfortable last night :)[...]

Posted 2016-09-06T11:54:04Z

EPIC Failure

So I think we're probably avoiding surgery, as the surgeon agrees things are looking a bit better as well.  That said, it is hinging upon his white count today.  Which we would love to look up, but the EPIC electronic medical record went down right before they were going to look it up.  The whole hospital is down for the moment - hopefully not too long.  The surgeon said "No problem, just don't eat or drink until we know for sure".  Pete's pretty ready for the computers to start working :)[...]

Posted 2016-09-05T23:26:24Z

Rollercoaster day of ups and downs

So today definitely started well with the almost surgery that was then cancelled - we will take that!  That said, orders are still in for no food or drink after midnight, so we're clearly holding it on our possibilities for tomorrow.  White count was down today as I said.  In some ways his leg looks a little better, and in others it doesn't, so it's getting hard to be objective about it anymore - I'm calling myself too close to the situation!  His pain is a little worse, and he's a little weaker today - but several nurses (a few who've become surrogate family members now) have remarked that it is the first time they've felt there was improvement since he got here.  I'm going to go with that![...]