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Posted 2016-09-08T02:28:54Z

It's a party! (And a funny story)

Made it back to Pete after I got out of work today, just to discover that today was visitor party day!   Enjoying meeting all of his friends, though next time we can do a cookout or something instead of going into the hospital forever!! :)  

As for the comments, you are very welcome for keeping you updated.  I like this guy a whole whole lot, so it's been a sorta overwhelming and scary process to watch him go through all of it - especially as the nurse who knows too much.  Keeping people updated has given me a practical thing to do with my busy energy, and I have enjoyed talking to and getting to know so many of you.  As for him being lucky to have me, I count myself pretty damned lucky every day to have found him as well.  I am a very happy girl.  I think I shall keep him :)

Overall, I'd say his leg was looking better tonight. That said, his pain level is definitely increased as they start doing the process of tissue removal and wound care on the leg.  It's very raw, so feels much like a giant burn right now.  He's hanging in well through the painful dressing changes, and doing what he needs to do.  Still no good idea of when he will be discharged, but feeling some sense of relief that I do believe the leg issue is improving greatly.  Now we just have to get the lung thing kicked so we can move on to that rest of our lives thing.

Funny story....  Pete's been in bed for the better part of 10 days now.  He was TRYING to tell me that his coccyx (tailbone) hurt the other day, but couldn't come up with the word.  Instead, as my gift to you, when you see him next you can ask him if his cervix is feeling better! LOL!  Man I haven't laughed that good in a long time...   Gotta find the funny in the crazy, right?

Last note for tonight - thank you so much to those who have been able to donate to the GoFundMe that Pete's daughter set up, and/or shared it with others.  He is truly humbled with every donation we tell him about, impressed that people would do that for him.  I know it means the world to him!   There's talk of a couple of fundraisers in the works as well, so if you have any ideas there let us know!

Time to go to bed - headed back to the hospital in the morning before I have to adult and go to the other hospital to work again.  Then six days off to keep tabs on him again :)  Nite all!

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Comments (2)

  • Jeannine Knotts Brown
    Jeannine Knotts Brown

    Praying for a total recovery, but I was out of the loop for a while and do not know what happened to him originally. Was there an accident and injury, or is all this some kind of illness? I'm sure it has been scary, and I'm sure once he gets up and around he's going to find out he needs the gym again. It takes so long to build up what he had, and then you can lose it almost overnight. Glad things are looking up.

    4 years ago · Reply
  • Melissa D. Padgett
    Melissa D. Padgett

    Well Jenna has left good news again, and thats sooooooo awesome. I do hope that your cervix gets better soon. Laying around in a bed all the time sure does make it sore. Lol. You are sooo silly. Glad you are feeling better and i will keep praying for you cause it seems to be helping. Words cant express how thankful we are that Jenna has updated us everyday. Hang on to her Pete, shes a keeper!!! Hell maybe when you get out of there she can rub your cervix for ya!!! Love ya my friend.

    4 years ago · Reply