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Posted 2016-09-09T16:20:15Z

Positive directions

Things are definitely starting to move now.  White count was 14.6 today - WOOHOO!!  

They're talking about a Sunday discharge possibility now as long as everything continues to go well.  Now we begin the process of setting him up for home health care, figuring out what supplies and equipment are going to be needed, etc..  Several weeks off work at least, and then we see how his swelling is doing at that point to see if it is enough.  They told him today that for every day he is in the hospital, he should expect to need about 3 days of recovery.  Anticipating a 13 day hospital stay, that leaves him with just about 40 days before he is likely to start feeling back to himself from an energy and reserve standpoint.  As for the leg, probably looking at 30-45 days before that is fully healed.  That said, they only anticipate about one more week worth of oral antibiotic treatment.  He is officially off of IV antibiotics as of today, to be sure that the oral continues to work on the infection.

The leg does look a lot better overall, thought the pain has increased significantly.  They started him on a medication called Neurontin today to help address the nerve pain he's been having - I'm hopeful that will help a lot.  

The idea of getting out is definitely motivating him.  He's hoping to get up and walk the halls again today - encouraging!     Will keep you all updated :)

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Comments (4)

  • Angi Greene
    Angi Greene

    Whoop Whoop lil Brother! Continuing the prayers! Love you!

    3 years ago · Reply
  • Melissa D. Padgett
    Melissa D. Padgett

    Awesome job Pete!!! Jenna make sure he fills out paper work for short term disability. That way he gets paid and everything while he is off. Thank goodness for you keeping us poted. Pete your a strong man and this little setback proves it. Your GOING HOME SOON. So happy for you. Just dont be to strong and try and do stuff you arent supposed to. You are in good hands there and will be at home. Love ya and still praying for an awesome recovery!!!

    3 years ago · Reply
  • Debby  Fields
    Debby Fields

    Glad too hear things are continuing to over in the right direction! Keep the healing coming!

    3 years ago · Reply
  • Marnie Hirschey
    Marnie Hirschey

    That is wonderful news to hear! Keep it up Pete! You can/will succeed and be back to 100%!

    3 years ago · Reply