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Kristi Guse Kristi Guse

Yikes! I haven't been on facebook for about a week, so I had no idea you were fighting this. How awful!! I am definitely sending a prayer up for you and adding you to my list. You are strong physically and mentally, so although this must me horrible for you, I know you will tackle it! Thinking positive thoughts for you!!! :-)

Jennifer Blank Jennifer Blank

Love you my Petey! You get better very soon so I can see your smiling face this fall with your lovely lady! Can't wait to meet her and give you both big squeezes!!!

Loree Loree

Hey Cowboy , hope you get better soon muy friend

Kasey Cook Kasey Cook

Hey Pete. Sorry to see your in the hospital. Hope you get back on your feet asap.

Nick Gaylord Nick Gaylord

Hey Pete hope everything gets better for you. Miss you around the workplace. Keep your hopes up god will help you.

Josh Holzinger,inger Josh Holzinger,inger

Sorry to hear your not doing good but your a fighter hang in there buddy and we will keep you in our thoughts and prayers.

Debby  Fields Debby Fields

Prayers Pete! Strength and knowledge for you and the docs, as they figure this out. Stay strong and keep that wit!

Amy aleshire Amy aleshire

Good morning, Pete. I had no idea the level of severity this has become. Pray they figure it out soon so the healing process can begin. As always, thinking about you and sending prayers.
Jenna, thank you for setting up this page to keep us informed. As you can tell, he is loved by many. He's a pretty special guy!!
Love to you, Pete, and Jenna, look forward to meeting you.

Melissa D. Padgett Melissa D. Padgett

Hey Pete, i just wanted you to know that i am praying for you everyday. You are in great hands and they will fix what ever the issue is. I wish nothing but the best for you. You have a wonderful woman who cares about you alot. So you need to get better and get back to your life with her. I love you and will be checkin on you daily. Hang in there!!!

Jason Mcalhaney Jason Mcalhaney

Get well pete will be praying for you.

Nicole Lawrence Nicole Lawrence

I'm thankful to find out more information on his condition. I'm so worried about him. I love him so much. He's the only brother that actually loves me back. My real brother isn't involved in my life. So, Pete is my official adoptive brother. I'd do anything for him. I'm so glad you are a part of his life! You are a blessing. I love you too ♡♡ I carry you with me pete now and forever. Prayers continued