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Updates on Pete

On 1/28, Pete experienced an aortic dissection, and was fortunate to get to the hospital in time to receive life saving surgery. Please follow this page to receive update[...] read more

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2 steps forward, half a step backward

Today (whoops, just noticed the time here and it's after midnight, so, OK, technically yesterday) Pete had a slightly more difficult day. He had a lot of trouble going to sleep, but finally did about 2 a.m., but didn't wake up until 10:00 a.m., so he's getting enough sleep, just at odd times. He had been craving pizza and actually ate some today, also went for a ride with me while I did some errands. He sat at the Target Starbucks (just inside the door) with his favorite chai, but walked a relatively long way in the parking lot as he didn't want to be dropped off at the front door.  

He has arranged with his principal to start in March back at work 1 day the first week, 2 days the second, etc., depending on what the doctor says at his next follow-up visit on Feb. 27th. 

Incidental, but more "what's next." On the last tree, the biggest I had to remove before the fence guys came, my chain saw quit! So I had to finish it with a hand saw. Wasn't sure I could, but I did, so all is ready for them to come on Feb. 23rd. Hopefully, the dogs won't break through before that.

Both Pete and I really appreciate the positive, supportive comments. He's definitely motivated to recover!! Happy belated Valentine's Day to all!


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