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Peter's Journey

This site is where we will post updates for Peter as he fights a neurological autoimmunity syndrome. Peter is 9 years old, he was a very delightful and inquisitive child.[...] read more

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Peter update

Peter has continued to improve cognitively and in awareness. In other ways he hasn't been doing well, restlessness, agitation, volatile, all signs of  inflammation flare up. The doctor has changed some of his meds to see if it will help with inflammation and "help stabilise the electrical activity in the brain". Overall, he does not seem to be feeling well, low energy, fatigue, times of listlessness. He is usually not able to express what is wrong. His doctor is running some tests.


Peter's brain is definitely showing signs of development, he has had no regression in over a year.

His two favorite themes lately is "the Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not want" (a recurring favorite) and "Jesus defeated Satan on the cross, and Satan has no power over us." He reminds us of these often. 😊 

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