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Peter's Journey

This site is where we will post updates for Peter as he fights a neurological autoimmunity syndrome. Peter is 9 years old, he was a very delightful and inquisitive child.[...] read more

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Peter update

Peter shows positive signs of healing, we are seeing fruit from the last two IVIG treatments. He had been sick for over two months... Which is not abnormal for him. With his deficient immune system, once he is sick, it is hard for him to recover. Many of his symptoms are neurological not physical, like we would have. This fall he showed more normal symptoms, rather then neurological, during the whole duration he was sick. This is a wonderful improvement with his immune system and one of the results we all hoped would take place with the IVIG's. 


Peter is also showing improvement behaviorally with the new therapy program we are implementing at home for him. He is calmer, happier, less agitated, and interacting with his little sisters better. The therapy helps balance the brain, causing the disorders to be quieted and hopefully in the long run, be gone completely. We are still working to figure out which therapies Peter needs and which ones will help him. It is pretty intensive, but positive results are obvious!



"Like an eagle that stirs up its nest,

That hovers over its young,

He (the Lord) spread His wings and caught them,

He carried them on His pinions.

“The Lord alone guided him,"

Deuteronomy 32:11




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