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Peter's Journey

This site is where we will post updates for Peter as he fights a neurological autoimmunity syndrome. Peter is 9 years old, he was a very delightful and inquisitive child.[...] read more

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Posted 2019-10-28T01:34:00Z

Dealing with pain

Peter's cousin, Kaden Peter, went to be with Jesus this past week. 

A month ago my grandma went to be with Jesus...

We visited Grandma the end of August, within the first hour there, she commented how much better Peter was doing and communicating. Then, a few weeks later, she passed, to us it was sudden. Peter has really struggled with her death. And now more with his cousins' death.

It is heart wrenching to watch him grieve, as he cries until his voice is hoarse, demanding answers, that we can't give . Praying and begging the Lord to "give her/him back to us".

He doesn't have the ability to process this kind of pain emotionally, so it is a slow process and very emotional one. The doctor recommended some things that would help calm his central nervous system and help him be able to work through this. Also, surrounding him with patience and love and prayer.

The positive side to all of this... A year ago "dying" and death meant nothing to him, he now has the capability of grasping it, to a certain extent...Even though it makes no "sense" to him.

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