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Peter's Journey

This site is where we will post updates for Peter as he fights a neurological autoimmunity syndrome. Peter is 8 years old, he was a very delightful, inquisitive, pleasing[...] read more

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Excerpts from an update to Peter's doctor (from a few days ago)...

"...Peter continues to do well... The last (two) days he actually reminds me of our 4 year old Peter. Bubbly and sharp, life was one big happy joke to him before all this. That is the way he has been... It is delightful... It is these glimpses that give us hope and keep us going forward, fighting for him...He is doing well in his schooling, performing at about a level of a five year old. It is wonderful to see him doing well, without any antibiotics. His teeth are whitening up again and the bumps on his face are going away... He seems to be tolerating food better...

Also his fear of contamination... is about gone for now. His noise sensitivity has been almost gone for two weeks now. And his OCD is not so severe..."



At this point we have learned how long it takes for the brain to heal... And how complicated. It appears we have reached a place where instead of one step forward,..Two steps backwards for Peter, it is two steps forward, one step backwards. One thing all the doctors he has seen have agreed upon, the last three and a half years, is that his brain is damaged. How permanent, no one knows. Three of them believed it is damaged for life. We are thankful for one who disagreed... And that one has not given up on Peter amidst many setbacks. At the end of the day, we know the Lord holds Peter's life in the palm of His hand and loves him more then we can imagine. And He continues to show His love and faithfulness through the ups and downs of this journey to all of us. He has promised to never leave us nor forsake us, through some very difficult times, He has proven that to be true. He has shown His love and faithfulness to us through many ways and Sending the right people at the right time.

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