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Posted 2016-08-23T01:27:55Z

Update 8/22/16

He is allowed visitors now but still need to be quiet when back seeing him. He has been a little aggravated at times so they gave him some medicine and he slept for appx 8 hours. He is still a little confused and may or may not know who you are still. They did stand him up for a minute to see how he would do and he is weak but is expected. He also was given some soft foods. His ICP is down to 11 but still gets aggrivated at times. If he continues to be aggrivated they will give him some medicine to calm him. They said no pneumonia but still not sure why he is running a high temp. Still yakomg one day at a time. Continued Prayers 🙏

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  • Andrea Brand
    Andrea Brand

    Thank you for the update. Prayers they find the culprit to his fever.

    3 years ago · Reply