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Updates on Pierson

At 19 weeks pregnant, I found one of my twin boys had shorter lower limb bones in his right leg. Pierson is missing part of his fibula bone, has a shortened tibia bone a[...] read more

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Posted 2018-09-06T00:57:32Z

September 5, 2018

I’ve been told I need to post an update!  A month, 2 more infections and 2 loose pins later...  it seems once we get everything figured out, something else happens.  We just finished up antibiotics from a third infection that started less than a week after we finished the last round from infection number 2!  I swear all the pins are infected.. they all kind of ooze puss after we bathe him.  The last infection, his little ankle was so swollen, it looked like a pocket of puss under the skin that we couldn’t get to release.  It finally did go down and he is back to his usual self.  

The other issue is the pins in the bottom of his heel are falling out.  The doctors said this indicates healing and as long as they’re not bothering him they’re fine.  That would require a trip to Baltimore to get them removed - although they said they would just take the foot plate off and they’d probably fall right out.  I kind of want to make the trip for a couple other reasons - we lost his foot support and need a new one - but we will see what happens.  No big plans, and I don’t think we will be flying again!  

He has not walked on it much.. he stands and will move and put all his weight on it.  He did walk before, so I’m not sure if he is just choosing not to pursue it or it doesn’t feel good.  It certainly doesn’t look like it would feel good! 

We are due for x-rays and hopefully I’ll get those done tomorrow.  Then I think we can get a date to get the fixator removed.  I’ll be happy to not have to do all the pin site cleaning and worrying about infections!  He will be in a cast next which I’m sure will come with it’s own learning curve.  

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