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Please Help Rochelle

Rochelle is a 51 year old female currently residing in Kingsport, Tennessee, she was diagnosed with colon cancer in 2009. She has tried various treatments and it has not helped and the cancer has spread. She is now stage 4 and terminal. Her and her husband struggle each month just to make ends meet. Marty her husband is also on disability after serving in the army for 12 years and being badly wounded. They have hospice come in on a weekly basis. Rochelle draws and to sell her drawings for 12.00 each, these are good people in a very bad spot and if nothing else please pray for them. She has no family she would welcome any prayers, a phone call or even a visit if any one felt so inclined. These people worked hard there whole lives and never asked anything from anyone now they need help, please spread the word of her web site and she has a Facebook page www.facebook/helprochelle her phone number is 4236770493 I thank you for looking, God Bless