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Posted 2015-11-26T08:54:49Z

Wholesale Pipe and Drape with Competitive Price

Pipe and drape uses a limited number of components that are co portable wedding backdrops with stand used pipe and drape connected together to build up wedding, event, Trade show stands in various sizes and also does not require the use of any tools. The basic components are bases, uprights, (Cross Bar)and draperies, we can called that pipe and drape accessories.

Iron bases are heavy weight rest on the floor with light weight aluminum uprights that simply slip over a nipple attached to the base. Draperies made from flame resistant fabrics have rod pockets for the Cross-bar (drape support) to slide through. Cross-bar drape supports with steel hook ends that slip into slots located on the top of the uprights. The whole system is assembled in a matter of a few minutes and is entirely reusable.

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