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Posted 2015-11-27T08:25:16Z

Special advantages of PVC Dance floor

Green environmental proper protection may be a serious showcase within the PVC Dance floor, PVC dance floor, the most crucial construction content is certainly PVC, it can be a sorts of green non-toxic sustainable solutions; PVC dance floor open fire signs and symptoms will access B1 point, open fire retardant has got exceptional pros.

PVC dance floor is certainly 10 circumstances little compared with typical wooden dance floor, 20 circumstances little ın comparison to the ceramic tile. Which means that during the high-rise setting up it's at the same time applied to selected, it will reduce the building's lugging power, simple transfer together with secureness is certainly likely. During the build for exceptional quickly together with simple, quite simple will need to dredge solid ground, only need to makes use of the free time viscose mosaic.

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