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Posted 2015-12-23T08:08:44Z

Master the most critical maintenance of aluminum stage truss

With the long time use of aluminum stage truss, will certainly be different degrees of damage, so the application will be in addition to professional staff operating outside, but also master the most critical maintenance mode, and thus more effectively guarantee the the availability of funds products.

There are many aspects of the maintenance of the truss, the first is its appearance should be regularly checked whether there is corrosion phenomenon, although truss embalmed disposal, but long-term exposure to the outside environment, greatly affected the sun and rain on the truss galvanized layer will form its zinc layer scattered on the situation, it is timely to re-brushing rust and rust;

Secondly truss usually rivets, pins stop convergence, and accepted the truss greater gravity, they should stop the daily convergence at tightening loose and prevent the formation of security risks; moreover truss maintenance should pay more attention to the appearance of clean, acidic beverages and other long-term accumulation of impurities will corrode truss, and make the appearance of the brightness of land, affecting their aesthetics.

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