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Posted 2016-01-23T07:24:14Z

The construction of aluminum stage truss

The construction of aluminum stage truss should consider the safety first, to ensure the smoothness of the site, the stage should meet the mechanical principle of the structure to ensure uniform, to prevent security problems in the process of performance.

The second is aluminum stage truss connection parts to ensure the robustness, ensure the firmness of the whole stage to eliminate safety hazards. Hanging decorative lights, try to from the back of the stage lead, or through air stringing to lead, absolutely can't from the audience during the banquet, to pass through.

In addition on the edge of the stage truss structures, to set up a reasonable position and the number of channels, set aside enough space to facilitate the actor's appearance and departure.

Aluminum truss is widely used, and the safety performance is also very good, easy disassembly, maintenance is simple, these features make it a lot of applications in various industries.

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