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Posted 2016-02-25T07:59:37Z

Got the portable stage curtains

At rent what? It makes the cost of stage curtains in the budget. Now we've got the portable stage curtains for just about any kind of stage, studio or theater. During the portable stage sale promotion, it is a chance.

A new scrim, muslin, or digitally printed backdrop? Used pipe and drape? Take stage curtain prices into account, two options: buy or rent. Please remember that our hot selling products 4' by 4' Stage Platforms take only $735. 00.

To make your own portable stage curtains, RK portable stage curtains for rent can help you, do more with less. Our mobile stage drapes are installed individually. They are infinitely vertically adjustable between 200 and 350cm, so it is convenient and easy.

As one professional mobile stage manufacturers online, RK provides cheap portable stage, we even created our exclusive Stage Builder software which allows our customers to easily design their perfect stage instantly online.

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