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Posted 2016-02-29T07:34:47Z

You can buy various high quality stage products from RK

Portable stages for sale online, RK can ship it oversea, while Quality Assurance. Choosing RK portable stage is a great deals, our new mobile stage for sale with great prices & quality.

You can buy various high quality on sale portable aluminum stage products from RK, RK portable stage design is specially for temporary event, the great advantage is quick building and reuse. Choosing RK portable stage and enjoying your a cool & unique event, it is a great deals for portable band stages.

RK is portable stage manufacturers which is well-known brands in the industry,Occasionally we have some items available for sale that we have acquired from other places. The beauty of RK is that it is completely modular so you can change the size, shape or height of your stage as needed (*to create some configurations it may be necessary to add new components to your existing stage).

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