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Posted 2016-03-04T08:02:34Z

How in the limited time to build portable stage more safe

Folding stage is the most popular staging, it can be folded, covers an area of small, easy to carry, simple and convenient installation, can be used for various occasions such as wedding, performance. How in the limited time to build portable stage more safe, to ensure that the use effect? The portable stage manufacturers will do for you a detailed explanation, convenient for your use.

There are many types of portable folding stage, want to build a stage of high safety coefficient, the first thing is to fully understand the performance and characteristics of your stage, carefully study the application method, installed correctly. Fast installation stage to build high bearing bracket, the bowl scaffold collocation is used, in the process of installation based on measured data, the whole process of tracking measurement. Open-air stage easily influenced by weather, wind speed, wind direction and so on, the installation should be built in accordance with the order, stability is very necessary.

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