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Posted 2016-03-05T07:54:59Z

Portable stage is always used with stage trussing

You know portable stage is always used with stage trussing. If you want to build portable stage, you should build a truss first. Here are some rk truss build steps.

Step1: Preparation and choosing the used stage truss base model base on you need, there are many kinds of truss base for your choice just like Global Truss 30x30 Aluminum Base Plate and so on.

Step2: Then, combination with truss base and hinge truss carefully.

Step3: put the sleeve block on the hinge.

Step4: install beam between 2 pillars.

Step5: rise the pillars and fix them. Then hang the hoist on the top section.

Step6: Use air belts and hoist to lift the beams at the requested height. Fix the slant brace on the opposite way to dismantle it.

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