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Posted 2016-04-14T07:17:25Z

Details of folding stage

Folding stage because of the flexibility, has been applied in many activities. In fact, its main body and other forms of the portable stage is not very different, the same is composed of steel frame and the stage platform. But the details of the design is different, may wish to follow the stage manufacturers together to understand.

First, introduced in the steel body framework of folding stage, are generally use high strength aluminum alloy sheet, the main form for the aluminum buckle type assembled frame and in each of the aluminum alloy column have inverted components as connected with the support. This design allows the stage to have a more solid foundation, and has a complete safety lap material, to meet the requirements of the test.

The second is the staging platform, folding stage of the stage platform and some of the professional thick sandwich plate, mainly fancy its anti slip performance is good; and its thickness to achieve a certain compressive capacity, and therefore more durable. But some are used in the tempered or plexiglass, the surface also has a good non slip function.

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